How to Bike in Czechia – City Edition

#LifeInCzechia Spring is here! It’s the perfect time to swap your car or public transport for a bicycle. This will not only help the environment but also improve your fitness. Welcome to our guide on how to bike in Czechia! We’ve prepared a practical overview of the rules of riding in a city. Plus, you will find tips for bike lanes and bike rental apps. Enjoy the ride!


Skip the traffic and get to work faster.


Biking is a great alternative for getting around in a city. It is fast and you move your body after a long day at work. Moreover, you’re free from the stress of missed or delayed buses or trams or being stuck in a traffic jam. You’re in charge of your time. Also, you can always make a detour and enjoy little peace and quiet in nature. What do you need to know before you start biking?



When you get on a bike, you become part of the traffic. You must be cautious, as you’re one of its most vulnerable participants. This means that you have to follow specific rules and avoid making common mistakes.


  • know the road signs
  • wear a helmet (mandatory under the age of 18)
  • use bike lanes or stay on the right-hand side of the road
  • give a hand signal when changing direction
  • in poor visibility, use lights to make yourself visible
  • be aware of your surroundings
  • keep a safe distance from other vehicles


  • don’t limit other cyclists or vehicles 
  • don’t endanger yourself or others 
  • don’t smoke or drink while riding
  • don’t use your phone
  • don’t bike on sidewalks
  • don’t bike next to other cyclists in a bike lane
  • don’t use a bike for two or more people

Bike lanes and routes

Bike lanes are designated to protect cyclists in traffic and increase their comfort on the road. They can be as separate lanes or shared lanes with cars with a designated space for cyclists. Ride in the center of the lane to keep enough distance from cars and sidewalks.

Do you want to plan your route in advance? Check out the availability of bike lanes on special maps. On Prahou na kole (Prague on a bike), you can search for bike stands or even check out the surface of the road. For bike lanes in Brno, check out Brno na kole (Brno on a bike). You can find national cycling routes, official city bike lanes, and recommended routes. You can even check out where the nearest toilets or drinking fountains are.


Use bike lanes whenever possible.



To protect your bike from stealing or damage, park your bike in designated bike parking garages with video surveillance. Is there no space like that? Try to find a place you can directly see or with a lot of people. The more people see the bike, the lesser chance of theft. Protect your bike with high-quality lockers. You can use one locker for each wheel to make it more secure. Remember not to leave any valuables in a bike bag that could attract thieves. 

Bike rental apps

Would you like to go for a ride but don’t have a bike? Try bike rental apps like Nextbike and Rekola. It’s super easy. Download the app, register, and find a plan that suits you best. You can choose monthly or annual tariffs or try single rides (offered by Rekola only). You will find the prices of the plans in the apps. Once you have an active account, just find the nearest bike based on your location and you’re ready for a ride.

Biking in rain

Is it raining? No problem. Make sure you have mudguards and a chain cover. Buy a waterproof bike bag and saddle cover to protect your clothes and belongings. Wear waterproof shoes and a jacket. There are special raincoats for bikers. Just don’t use an umbrella. It can be dangerous and it is against the regulations. Lastly, keep in mind that braking on wet surfaces takes longer, so rather go slower.


Do you want to learn about biking outside the city? Stay tuned for our next article. For more tips, check out our categories of “Living” and “Expat” with great pastime activities and recommendations for interesting places. You will not only have a lot of fun but also learn about your new home. 


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