Minor Repairs in a Rented Apartment: Detailed Description

#LifeinCzechia Renting an apartment can be tricky sometimes and appliances break all the time – that’s a fact. Therefore, knowing how all of this works in the Czech Republic is a must. According to Czech law, there are certain rules about small repairs in a rented place. We’ve already covered the basics of minor repairs in our blog article a while ago. But now, let’s dive into the specifics and details!

The lessor (landlord) has the obligation to maintain the apartment and house in a condition fit for use for the duration of the lease.

The lessee (tenant) is obliged to maintain and pay for routine maintenance and minor repairs related to the use of the apartment. Routine maintenance means keeping the apartment in a functional state and cleaning the apartment, which is usually done when the apartment is used for a longer period of time. Minor repairs are considered repairs to the apartment and its interior equipment (if this equipment is part of the apartment and is on the property of the lessor).


So who does pay for what? 


Floors and walls

Regardless of the type of flooring and floor coverings, both for all living rooms and apartment appurtenance including balconies, loggias, and terraces, given that they belong exclusively to one apartment.

Lessee pays for:

  • painting (including plaster repair), wallpapering, and floor cleaning, including floor coverings and wall linings
  • repairs of individual upper parts of floors
  • floor covering repairs
  • replacement and fixing of thresholds and floorboards

Lessor pays for:

  • total replacement of the floor or floor covering, if it is worn due to long-term and proper use

Windows and doors

Lessee pays for:

  • repairs of individual parts of windows as well as the window sash, if the entire window does not need to be replaced
  • window glazing, regardless of whether the damage to the window was caused by the fault of the Lessee or weather effects
  • repairs and replacement of dividing partitions and moldings of windows and glazed and wooden doors
  • repairs of doors and their components
  • glazing of individual windows and door panels, including glass fillings of glazed loggias and balconies
  • sealing of windows and door panels
  • replacement of window and door seals
  • repairs and replacement of parts of lining and window sills
  • repairs and replacement of handle, olive, label, button, bumpers, door joints, ventilation, chains, pulls, locks, inserts to locks, keys
  • replacement and repair of blinds on windows extending into the interior of the apartment

Lessor pays for:

  • replacement of the entire window
  • exterior window coatings
  • replacement of the entire door

Kitchen counters, sinks, built-in cabinets 

Lessee pays for:

  • door repairs, possibly glass replacement
  • replacement of handles, fittings, handles, replacement of drawers
  • repairs and restoration of coatings
  • repairs to the protective frame at the sink, spraying the sink
  • repairs of kitchen stoves, oven pipes, cookers
  • repairs of fume hoods and cooker hoods

Lessor pays for:

  • replacement of the kitchen unit

Electric stoves

Lessee pays for:

  • repairs and replacement of hotplates
  • replacement of the oven door, oven bottom, heating spirals in the oven
  • replacement of the cooker, knobs, lighting, screws, rivets, and electrical switches
  • oven repairs, replacement of the supply cable, trays, baking trays, and oven racks
  • commissioning

Lessor pays for:

  • replacement of the stove if it is worn due to long-term and proper use

Sanitary facilities

Lessee pays for:

  • repairs and replacement of the faucet
  • repairs and replacement of the door on the bathtub enclosure
  • all bathtub and sink repairs, including bathtub spraying
  • fixing a loose sink, toilet, bathtub, bidet, toilet tank, consoles, etc.
  • waste and control valve repairs
  • repairs to the battery, shower, replacement of seals, chains, and plugs for all items
  • repairs and replacement of supports, rosettes, tie rods
  • repairs and replacement of hangers, bath holders, toilet paper boxes, galleys
  • repairs and replacement of the nozzle of the flusher, float ball with lever, parachute wire, and lever, sanding of the parachute
  • seats, replacement of cones for valves
  • pressure washer repairs with replacement of individual components
  • repairs to the seat board with cover, the passage valve in front of the toilet tank, the toilet cuff 
  • repairs and replacement of protective frames of sinks and spouts

Lessor pays for:

  • replacement of the sink, and toilet bowl, if it was not damaged by the Lessee of the apartment

Electrical equipment, and distribution equipment

Lessee pays for:

  • repairs and replacement of switches of all kinds
  • repairs and replacement of fuses and circuit breakers of all kinds (including the main circuit breaker for the apartment)
  • repairs and replacement of data network distribution sockets, analog, and digital TV broadcast signals. This also applies if they are located outside the apartment under a lock, as they are part of the apartment and belong to its equipment (this also applies to home phones) if they are used exclusively for a single apartment
  • repairs and replacement of microphone and headset inserts, telephone cords, adjustment of home telephones
  • repairs of control units and ventilation switches
  • repairs of electronic security systems and automatic motion detectors in the apartment
  • repairs and replacement of lighting fixtures and their individual components

Lessor pays for:

  • electrical installation repairs (regardless of the way the wiring is installed in the apartment), if it has not been damaged by the Lessee of the apartment
  • repairs and replacement of sockets, buttons, sockets, bell, and signaling equipment, including the button at the entrance and from the outside, if it belongs to the apartment
  • repairs of audio-visual equipment used to open the entrance door to the house
  • repairs and replacement of data network distribution sockets, and analog and digital TV broadcast signals. This also applies if they are located outside the apartment under a lock, as they are part of the apartment and belong to its equipment (this also applies to home phones), if they are used for all apartments

Water distributions

Lessee pays for:

  • repairs and replacement of the water lock, with the exception of the main water lock for the apartment
  • repairs and replacement of siphons

Lessor pays for:

  • replacement of the main water lock for the apartment, which is part of the home plumbing
  • repairs of broken pipelines
  • cleaning waste in the house (from the clogged riser to the sewer)


  • these are repairs of individual heat and hot water consumption meters in the apartment and replacement and verification of water meters.

Lessee pays for:

  • repairs and certification of household meters according to the Metrology Act
  • repairs and certification of equipment for the distribution of heating costs
  • repairs and certification of domestic hot and cold water meters

Lessor pays for:

  • replacement of thermoregulation valves, thermostatic heads for central heating radiators, and water meters.


Lessee pays for:

  • repairs to central heating control thermostats

Lessor pays for:

  • repairs to radiators and central heating distribution
  • in case of a replacement of these items (not a repair), which will be assessed by a specialist

Getting rid of insects

Lessee pays for:

  • extermination, disinfection, and disinsection of apartments

Lessor pays for:

  • work that is carried out in the entire house, including common areas and apartments, if the source of dirt and insects is not in the apartments

Annual expense limits

If the sum of costs for minor repairs mentioned in the previous paragraphs in a calendar year exceeds an amount equal to 100 CZK/ floor area of the apartment, other repairs in a given calendar year are not considered minor repairs.


The approximate price of repairs in a 32 apartment (1+kk) is 3 200 CZK and in a 45 apartment (2+kk) is 4 500 CZK.

  • The floor area of the apartment means the sum of the floor areas of the apartment and all the spaces that are used within the apartment, including outside the apartment if they are used exclusively by the Lessee of the apartment
  • The floor area of cellars (that are not rooms), and the floor area of balconies, loggias, and terraces are counted as only one-half.

Minor repairs according to the number of costs

  • According to the number of costs, further repairs to the apartment and its equipment and the replacement of individual items or their components, which are not listed above, are considered minor repairs if the cost of one repair does not exceed the amount of 1 000 CZK.
  • If several repairs are carried out on the same thing, which is related to each other and follow each other in time, the sum of the costs of the related repairs is decisive. Transport costs and other costs associated with the repair are not included in the cost of this repair and are paid by the Lessee.

Troubleshooting procedure

  1. The Lessee reports the malfunction to the repairman of his choice
  2. The repairman will determine the cause of the defect and agree with the lessee on the method of payment and repair solution.
  3. In the event that it is a repair or replacement that is paid for by the lessor, the lessee is obliged to refer directly to the selected repairman to the owner of the apartment/lessor before starting work.

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3 thoughts on “Minor Repairs in a Rented Apartment: Detailed Description

  1. Hi,
    I am living in this apartment since 2020 april and leaving in this december. Question is there are molds in the corner of the walls, should i paint the whole apartment or let the owner charge me to the maximum. I dont know czech so getting someone to repair is also an issue. Is there a limit on the maximum cost i have to bear, the rental contract mentions specifically that the tenant has to bear minor repairs of up to 2000 czk. Can you please advise me what should i do. The apt is 50m2.


    1. Hi Vijay,
      see my previous answer. I will also add that the mold may be taken off from your deposit since it’s something that’s caused by not airing the room enough. Talk to the owner, that’s my best advice.


  2. Holly Moly

    If the whole apartment is moldy it is a health hazard and is generally caused
    by some sort of structural defect.
    Not by not opening a window and airing a room.

    Also minor repairs are just that.
    Tenants should not have to repair the stove period.
    That is not a minor repair.
    If the unit was rented with appliances – then the landlord is responsible for any repairs – doors that fall off etc.
    If the tenant damaged the door then the tenant is responsible for the repair.

    Replacing light fixtures?
    Whose property is it?
    So if a light fixture stops working then the landlord needs to replace it.
    Tenant supplies own lightbulbs.

    The tenant rented a functional unit which may include washer, dryer, fridge + stove. If any of these appliances break it is the responsibility of the landlord to fix or replace.
    After all that is what the rent is for.

    As a landlord from another country.

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