Executive Director at Foreigners Brno Adam Lasota: I Help People To Help People

Meet Adam Lasota – our Executive Director at Foreigners Brno office. He describes his position as “helping people to help people”, which is the pure truth based on his involvement in the company’s life. Despite his numerous responsibilities at Foreigners, Adam doesn’t forget to enjoy the moment and stays active even in his free time. Would you like to know more about him? Read further!


Adam close to the volcano Teide on Tenerife

I have been working at Foreigners for one year plus a few days. I learned about the company on the Internet and I was surprised about the advertisement. It was written in a very friendly tone, which I liked. I’m a very curious man who makes decisions based on information, so I have read all the information about Foreigners and its founders, Andrea and Vojta, online. Therefore, I told myself that I want to work there, and now I know that I made the right decision.

  • Can you describe what your position is about?

When someone asks me this question I usually answer: “I help people to help people.” Maybe it sounds a little bit cliché but I feel like this. Especially here at Foreigners, where we try to do our best for clients and business partners. Managing people, planning, developing, networking and having control of Brno office are my main tasks.

  • What do you like about your job? Do you have any plans for your career’s future?

I like opportunities and having a high level of responsibility. That’s my engine. What I don’t like is a stereotype. Not only in my job but also in my personal life. I can’t imagine myself having the same position e.g. for 3 years. In Foreigners, there are a lot of ideas about helping and developing our community. So, I would like to participate in developing projects at Foreigners one day.

  • What’s the most challenging part of your job and the most fulfilling?

It’s negotiations with global companies. Not because of the process itself or some kind of fear, but because of the competition on the market. To be honest, I like it but it costs me a lot of energy.

  • How do you maintain the team spirit?

I find team spirit in a balance of life and work, especially nowadays when our society focuses on materialism and growth. In some companies, people are like batteries and when one loses charge, it is replaced by another… But what about the discharged battery, man? We work in a sales field, so sometimes it’s hard to find a balance for me and my team.

The next important thing is coaching sessions with my team. Talking about a job with someone who has a different point of view is very important and helpful for improving work performance and raising motivation. In all my jobs, the autonomy of my team members will always be important. In this case, they are not afraid of making big decisions; they feel more confident because their professionalism and results grow. That makes everyone happy.

  • What’s your source of inspiration?

My leaders are my inspiration. Andrea and Vojta have built a successful business which truly helps people and which is not oriented around money. They fascinate me by how they are able to solve tough, emotional situations while staying calm. I follow their example and even in difficult and tense situations, I don’t lose my temper and always smile.

  • You play volleyball, right? 🙂 Does it help you at work?

Yes, I do, and it helps me a lot. However, I don’t only play beach volleyball. I do a lot of sports. For me, it’s a huge source of relaxation. For some people, it may sound unbelievable, but it gives me a lot of energy. I also play with a group of expats, so I can improve my English skills as well.

Volleyball is the biggest of Adam’s passions
  • What qualities do you look for in your future employees?

The main qualities are a positive approach to life and a desire to share this energy with others. The next quality is responsibility. For me, it is also important to feel comfortable with them.

  • Are you from Brno? Can you give us some tips for trips around the Czech Republic?

I came from the North Moravia from the Jeseníky Mountains, it is also a recommendation for travelling. I like nature, so I strongly suggest visiting Praděd. The Beskydy Mountains are really nice too. In the closest surroundings of Brno, my heart belongs to Pálava. So, take your friends, bikes and go there for new adventures.

Adam skiing with friends on Praděd mountain
  • Do you have any plans for summer?

I’ve already been on vacation, so I have nothing special for this summer. However, I want to spend my free time chilling in the parks of Brno, on beach volleyball courts, and taking some trips with my friends. I’ve been living in Brno for one and a half years, so there are many places to discover.

  • Tell us one amazing thing you have done in your life.

One amazing thing happened in my childhood. After a lot of begging, I got a dog from my parents. It may sound funny but it had a positive influence on my life and taught me to be responsible for others.

I want to say thank you, Adam, for the interesting interview! May our batteries always be charged and our lives be filled with beautiful moments.

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