How to Become an Uber Driver in Czechia?

#LifeInCzechia Are you looking for a way to earn more money in your free time? Or a new full-time job? Become an Uber driver. You will be your own boss and get to know every corner of Prague, Brno, or other Czech cities from behind the wheel. On top of that, you will get the chance to meet people from all around the world. Let’s have a look at the requirements!


As an Uber driver, you can be your own boss


Being an Uber driver is an excellent option for expats living in the Czech Republic. You don’t need years of experience or any knowledge of the Czech language. On top of that, the need for Uber drivers never runs out, so it is a very accessible job. How do you get started?



To become a driver, you need to own or lease a car. Don’t have one? Contact Uber’s Vehicle Solutions program in Prague to choose the best option for you. Do not forget – the better the car, the lower the driving costs.

Be aware of the requirements for your car – it must be a model from 2003 or earlier, have 4 doors, a minimum of 5 safety belts, and it needs to be in good condition with no damage. Check out Uber’s eligible vehicles section to see if your vehicle complies with the requirements.



First of all, you need a valid ID card or passport and a driving license. Note, that there is an age requirement – you need to be at least 21 years old to be driving for Uber.

Next, you need to have a yellow card, a special card for taxi drivers that authorize them to provide this service. Yellow cards can be obtained at any municipality with extended jurisdiction. Just submit your application and pay a fee of 500 CZK. The card will be ready within 30 days.

Lastly, a trade license is required. To obtain one, you must have a yellow card and a registered vehicle in the Taxi Vehicle Registerfill in a form and pay another fee of 500 CZK. After successful registration, you will get a window sticker with a taxi registration number.



  • Sign up online at
  • Upload the necessary documents (ID card or passport, driving license, yellow card, and your profile photo)
  • Make sure your car complies with the requirements
  • Get a trade license
  • Activate your account
  • Start driving!


VAT Registration

Are you serious about your Uber driver career? You might need to register for VAT. There are three options:

  • Obligatory VAT registration – your turnover for the 12 immediately preceding months exceeds 1.000.000 CZK. Keep the bills for fuel and car repairs to be able to deduct your collected VAT.
  • Voluntary VAT registration – you do not exceed the 1.000.000 CZK threshold but you want to be registered as a VAT payer
  • Cross-border registration – needed for cross-border transactions to report purchases of services from abroad. You don’t charge nor reclaim VAT

Do you need help getting a trade license? Do you struggle with car registration? Don’t you have a driving license? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you solve all your problems to make your life in Czechia hassle-free.

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