Bike Trip – Discover the Magic of Meadow Forests in Litovelské Pomoraví

Are you wondering where to go for a bike ride when the weather gets sunny and warm finally? Get inspired by Vladimíra Včelná and Michal Frantík, who will introduce you to the Cycle Circuit Litovel – Olomouc. 

Litovelské Pomoraví, the nature conservation area, is located in the north of Central Moravia in the heart of Haná between the towns of Olomouc and Mohelnice. The dominant feature of this nature conservation area is the delta of the Morava River. It creates a complex of magnificent meadow forests and meadows. There are many unique plants and animals in this nature conservation area.

The cycle path EuroVelo 9, Moravian path, and the Cycle circuit Litovel – Olomouc in one

As you ride along this beautiful, intact scenery, you will see several marks on the bike path signings. These meadow forests are unique in Europe and proudly claim the designation of EuroVelo 9 – Amber Path /EuroVelo 9 Balt – Jadran.

In history, this path was known as a transport passage to transport amber

Currently, with almost 1930 kilometres, it is one of the shorter routes of EuroVelo. EuroVelo 9 starts in the Polish harbour-city of Gdańsk and continues along the Visla River, the longest and second most watery tributary of the Baltic Sea. The path heads through the cities of Gdańsk and Poznań. In the Czech Republic, the path starts in the Jeseníky Mountains and continues through Olomouc to the South Moravian Region. EuroVelo 9 concludes in Croatia.

Another essential designation is the Moravian Path, a cycling route that connects the Jeseníky Mountains with South Moravia and is divided into six primary stages. The second of these stages is a cycle path leading next to the Litovelské Pomoraví, the nature conservation area, averaging 55.3 kilometres. The whole cycle path ends in the wine-growing regions of South Moravia and the Lednice-Valtice area.

Lednice castle – world heritage

The last designation that this cycle path has is Litovel – cycle circuit – Olomouc, a microregion of Litovelsko. The easy cycle route with a total distance of 40 km allows cyclists an enjoyable journey through the forests of the Litovelské Pomoraví, the nature conservation area, and open views of the rich region of Haná.

Střeň – Village in Haná

“A village, which is next to this bike path, is my native village Střeň, where my dad and my uncle start their rides (they cannot drive a car anymore because of their age). When they have free time, they enjoy the view from the saddle of their bikes with bags on the handlebars or around the back wheel,” says Michal Frantík.

The bike path only borders the village. Suppose you want to visit this charming Haná village, you will have to get off the EuroVelo cycle path and drive about two kilometres to arrive in the village centre.

What will you see?

Between the villages of Lhota na Moravě and Střeň you cross the bridge over the Morava River, you will see a football field where the local club plays in the district competition.

When you continue further into the village, you will pass the hunting lodge and you will reach the local “square”. There you will see the local kindergarten and school, a monument to the fallen of World War II, a wooden signpost written in Haná dialect made by a local villager, shops, parking lots and a map of the village.

From this place, you can take the cycle route 6107 towards Šternberk. When leaving the village, you will come across a curiosity that is unique in these latitudes. The village has built a small cosy vineyard there!

Vineyards in South Moravia

Furthermore, you can also take other routes for biking, such as the Lesánková cycle path from Střeň to Litovel and back via Šargoun, or the cycle path Luhy Litovelského Pomoraví. As well as the cycle paths Litovel – Olomouc, Poděbrady, Olomouc – Horka nad Moravou – Hynkov – Střeň, which are also much liked.

The most attractive time is in the spring when the meadows are filled with white flowers like snowdrops, snowflakes and many more. Not far away is another cycle path: Za krásami přírody (from Šternberk), from Uničov to Litovelského Pomoraví, where in the summertime you can go for a swim (Hanácké skanzen Příkazy).

Cycling in Střeň

Střeň has its rightful place in cycling history. A race called “O POHÁR VESNICE STŘEŇ” was held in the village, which Czech and Slovak cycling leaders attended.

To name a few: Olympic winner Jaroslav Kulhavý, world champions Alois Kaňkovský and Tereza Huříková, winners of stages at the Tour de France Jáno Svorada, Jan Hruška and Roman Kreuziger, European champion František Raboň and Lubor Tesař placed third in the World Championship.
Amongst others, many have concluded their career here. For example: winner of one of the stages of the Vuelta España and participant of the Tour de France Tomáš Konečný, Emil Hekele senior, the Czech national team members Pavlína Šulcová, Jiřina Ščučková born Frantíková, who is a Střeň native.

Do you live in or close to Olomouc? Then this wonderful waterfront project in Olomouc will interest you!


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