25 Useful Apps for Comfortable Life in the Czech Republic

#LifeInCzechia Are you relocating to Czechia? Or maybe you’re already living here? Check out these useful apps that can help you with daily tasks and save you time whenever you need it. Find out how to get your groceries delivered to your door, where to get a new dress in a hurry, where to look if you crave sweets, and many more handy tips!

Apps are a good way to save time in Czechia if you’re in a hurry.

Apps are a good way to save time in Czechia if you’re in a hurry.


Grocery shopping 

Is there a better feeling than shopping online, especially if you have no time to do it yourself or you’re in quarantine? Rohlik.cz, Tesco, Everli or Kosik might be your saviours then. These apps are perfect for those who lack time to do grocery shopping themselves or for those who suffer from social anxiety. But hey, they can also be useful whenever you want to let yourself have a lazy day. 

Use filters to find exactly what you want with a slide of your finger without having to run around the store and ask people. And here’s another great pro-tip: for those who like to compare prices between markets, Kupi.cz is a really useful app that can help you track various discounts



If you’d like to check the schedules for e.g. metro, bus, trolleybus, and tram connections in one place, then IDOS is your friend. If you live in Prague, you can also download PiD Litacka, which you can use to buy tickets, which is really neat, especially if there’s no metro station around. Google maps are also pretty useful if you’re looking for transport schedules. 

If you prefer car trips, then Bolt and Uber can be really useful as they work basically just like a cheaper taxi. When it comes to train connections, Czech Railways and RegioJet can come in handy, even if you’d like to travel abroad. If you like to travel intercity by bus, then Flixbus is also a pretty cheap and a convenient option, in addition to RegioJet. 


Scooter and bike sharing

If you’re a fan of scooters, then you might find that Rekola, Nextbike, Lime or Bolt apps can help you to find the nearest scooters and borrow them for however long you prefer. What’s really neat is the fact you can leave the scooter almost anywhere and it can take you places that public transportation can’t. 


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For those who love good food and enjoy take-out, there are many options when it comes to apps – try Dame jidlo, Bolt Food or Wolt. They cooperate with various restaurants with affordable prices and great food selection – including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. In other words, you can’t get bored with the restaurants around you as you’ll always have something new to explore. Those apps also have daily discounts, so keep an eye out, because you never know when your favourite meal will be available for cheaper. 


Fashion and cosmetics 

If you love buying clothes online then here in Czech Republic, you can use apps like Zalando, Vinted, ABOUT YOU or Answear. For fans of brick-and-mortar shops – many of them also have apps, including H&M, Mango, etc. These apps will let you explore shops without leaving your house. Just relax and wait for them to be delivered soon.

If you like buying your cosmetics and perfumes online, then you might enjoy Notino, which stocks many brands – all under one roof! Moreover, if you live in Prague or Brno and hate to wait, then you can order on Notino and pick it up in their shop in person. 

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