Residential Complex Domeq: Experience Coliving near the Center of Brno (Inside Edition)

#LifeInCzechia Looking for a great place to live in Brno? And are you interested in coliving spaces? Residential complex Domeq will serve you in many ways to create your unique lifestyle, whether you’re more of an indoor person or you enjoy being outside. In our first article we introduced the outside of Domeq and its surroundings. Now let’s discover the inside of Domeq and its facilities.  


 Domeq 1 Study Room
Domeq 1 Study Room

Inside of Domeq

The place you live in can shape who you are. We can’t underestimate it. Every place you live in will reveal a different version of yourself. 

Domeq’s coliving spaces will give the opportunity to explore your new lifestyle! You can meet people from all around the world. You can socialise in the lobby and terrace, work out with your neighbours in the gym, cook meals and many more. Let me tell you more about the activities that you can do inside of Domeq!


Lobby and Study Room 

Domeq has great places to focus and study in a quiet environment. It also offers many alternatives to having fun and chilling. The lobby is a great place to meet your new neighbours, gather with friends and cook delicious meals in the shared kitchen. 


 Domeq 1 Lobby - TV Area
Domeq 1 Lobby – TV Area 

You can watch TV, play PlayStation, or maybe play billiard in the lobby with your neighbours from all around the world!


 Domeq 1 Lobby - Playstation Area
Domeq 1 Lobby – Playstation Area

Do you like playing on the playstation? You can borrow the playstation consoles from the reception!


Domeq 1 Lobby - Billiards
Domeq 1 Lobby – Billiards

Do you like classical music? You can spontaneously run into live piano performances from your neighbours!


Domeq 1 Lobby - Piano
Domeq 1 Lobby – Piano

Terrace and Gym

The 6th floor terrace is there for you to party with your friends and chill or to slow down and feel the moment especially in summer. Do you like peaceful atmosphere? Come and watch the sunset on the 6th floor terrace! 

If you’d like to have a party on the 6th floor terrace, no need to ask anybody. But make sure to respect your neighbours and set the volume low (music can be on till 10 p.m.). You can stay on the terrace till midnight during the summer season. The terrace is open till 10 p.m. in autumn and winter. 


Domeq 1 - 6th Floor Terrace
Domeq 1  – 6th Floor Terrace

When you enter the terrace you will see plenty of Green bags with herbs, strawberries, lavenders. You will surely feel the cosy home atmosphere while enjoying the sunset. 


Domeq 1 Terrace - Green Bags
Domeq 1 Terrace  – Green Bags

Do you like a dynamic lifestyle? If you like to exercise daily and be at the gym just in minutes, you can have a gym membership at Domeq 1’s own gym for 500 CZK per person monthly.  

Want your one-time free entry? Just contact the reception desk. This offer is valid from 19 September to 30 September every working day from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.


Domeq 1 Gym
Domeq 1 Gym

Check out Domeq’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for more photos and reels of Domeq’s lovely environment.

Does Domeq sound like the perfect place for you to live? Contact us.

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Photo Source: Leman Oktay


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Hello everyone! I'm Leman from Istanbul, Turkey. I enjoyed evolving and exploring a new culture while I was an exchange student in Brno. Now, I am rediscovering Brno after four years. So let's experience the journey.

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