Household Insurance in the Czech Republic – How Does It Work?

#LifeInCzechia The first challenge you face when moving abroad is to solve your living situation. Where are you going to stay? For how much? And – last but not least – what about home insurance? For this reason, we bring you an overview regarding this service in the Czech Republic. Do you wish to find out more about what exactly is covered by it? Let’s check out the rules of home insurance together in this article!


There are different types of household insurance offered in Czechia


Household vs building insurance

First of all, people might often not understand the difference between household insurance and building insurance. How do they differ?

Whether you want to take care of a specific part of your home, or of the whole household, make sure to pick the right one!

Household insurance covers expenses that occur when something unexpected or accidental happens to your home and/or your belongings.

Building insurance, on the other hand, protects the fabric of your home, such as the roof, walls, windows and permanent fixtures like a fitted kitchen, garage, conservatory and outbuildings. Household insurance protects both your property’s structure and the items within it, it is therefore more powerful and convenient.


What it covers and where to get it

The insurance protects the contents of your home, whether it is:

  • family house
  • cottage
  • apartment which is in your personal ownership/rented by you as an insured person,
  • non-residential premises like a garage or a cellar

In case of perils, such as fire, flood, or break-in, insurance also helps.

PVZP, Allianz, Unicredit bank, Slavia (for which specifically we have already made an article) ČSOB – Those are only a few examples of the household insurance issuers. Each of them has a few different rules and offers, so you will definitely find one that will be suitable for you!


How much it costs

The prices may vary depending on the insurance company you decide to go with, as well as which option you select from their offer. The cost is also different based on the m² of your household. Another point which plays a role is whether you decide to insure your belongings of your house, or you decide for properties structure insurance too.

Although setting up a household insurance might not be the easiest, we will be glad to help you with this – do not hesitate to contact us! Does moving to Czechia sound more appealing to you now?

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