Domeq: A Prestigious and Easy Way to Rent a Flat in Brno

Domeq is a new living concept providing affordable and stylish accommodation within a dynamic social community. It is located only a few minutes from the Brno city center. There are a lot of options according to your needs. Single rooms, double rooms or apartments. You may also rent your flat for a short-term staying.

Students: Get your Czech Diploma Authorized for Using Abroad!

The end of the semester has come and it’s time to head back home! We’re sure you enjoyed the nightlife as much as possible but now, it’s time to get serious! Studying in the Czech Republic is one of the best choices you ever made but what happens after getting your diploma?

Conquering the Immigration Office (non-EU)

We all know what government agencies are like. They’re slow, confusing, and impossible to navigate. Now, combine that with not being able to read the signs in the building, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. In this article, you will find everything you need to help you navigate the immigration office for whatever business you have there.