Brno’s MOI Is Moving to a Different Location

Are you an expat (to be) in Brno and you planning to visit the local Ministry of Interior (MOI) office in the upcoming weeks? We have important notice for you. Brno’s MOI will have a new office. Due to the moving, the current MOI office located on Mariánské náměstí will be closed for the whole one month starting in mid-December 2020 and will open at a new address again in January 2021.


  • What’s Changing?

From December 17th, 2020 the MOI office Brno

(Mariánské náměstí 1, 617 00 Brno) will be closed.


The MOI office Brno will be open again from January 18th, 2021
at new address Tuřanka 115, 627 00 Brno.



  • Important Notice

In regards to the MOI office being closed for a month, we highly recommend any expats in Brno who need to proceed with the immigration issues to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. If you do not manage to handle all your immigration issues by 17th December 2020, you must wait until 18th January 2021.




  • Transport to the new MOI office

To reach the new MOI office, the best is to go by bus to Slatina, Závod stop.

Take a bus number 77 from Úzká stop to Slatina, Závod stop – find the bus schedule HERE. The bus runs every 15 minutes and the journey takes approximately 25 minutes. Then your final destination will be only an 8-minutes walk.

Bus 77 Slatina-Slatinka at the bus stop Úzká.
Bus 77 Slatina-Slatinka at the bus stop Úzká.


  • Restrictions on workplaces MOI in the state of emergency

If you need to solve any issues with the immigration office now, we remind you that there are restrictions applied now due to the coronavirus pandemic as following:

Access to the MOI office is allowed for clients by appointment only!

New orders are allowed only for the necessary actions, which are in particular:

  • registration upon arrival
  • processing of biometric data
  • issuance of residence permits
  • issuance of a bridging label – only if a ticket is presented that certifies the urgency of such an act
  • receipt of applications for:
    • long-stay visa and long-term residence permit for the purpose of tolerance of residence in the territory
    • long-term residence permit following a long-term visa
    • residence permits for children born in the Czech Republic
    • change of purpose of a long-term stay


Find more information here.

Arranging an appointment is possible by phone or online at




Are you facing a language barrier while dealing with Czech authorities? Do you need our assistance with the overwhelming paperwork? Schedule an online consultation with our immigration expert.

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