8 Must-Have Apps for Students

#LifeInCzechia Being a student In Czechia gives you a lot of opportunities to discover this beautiful country and meet people from all over the world. However, it is not all sunshine and roses. It requires a lot of learning and research to get a diploma. The end of the semester is approaching and that means only one thing – exams. To make your life easier, we have prepared a list of useful apps to make your learning more effective. 


Apps can help you study more efficiently.

Apps can help you study more efficiently.

Taking Notes & Citing Sources

Microsoft Lens

With this practical app, you can take a picture of a document, whiteboard, or hand-written notes and convert them into editable text. It also works for text captured from an angle. Just choose a mode, take a picture and adjust and save it to Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, or even PDF. Detailed information here.


Do you want all your notes in one place? Search no more. Evernote saves all your notes and you can access them from any of your devices. You can write, sketch, or save entire documents. Moreover, it helps you organize your time better with a practical calendar and a “my tasks” section.


Sources. They are very important for your final papers or thesis, yet proper citing of them takes a lot of time. Work smarter and use RefMe. It creates the sources for you in over 6,500 styles. Simply look for your source via DOI, URL, or simply scan the book/journal barcodes. You can then save the sources directly to Evernote. 


Learning & Focus


Mind maps represent an effective way to learn, plan or solve problems. With SimpleMind, you can quickly sort your thoughts into well-arranged maps, differentiate particular groups by color, and add pictures. Revising for exams has never been easier.


Do you prefer learning with flashcards? It’s the best way to learn when you’re on the go or learning a new language. You can use Chegg to create your own flashcards or look through their database. You will find 500+ million cards created by other students or teachers. 


Do you get distracted by social media easily? Be more present with the Forest app. Start by planting a tree. It will grow as long as you focus on your work. If you close the app sooner, the tree will die. By creating a virtual forest, you earn coins that can be used to plant trees in real life. It helps you and the environment at the same time.


Vocabulary & Math

Oxford Dictionary

Whenever you’re writing an essay or a diploma thesis, it is all about vocabulary. Use the Oxford  Dictionary app to look for definitions, synonyms, or even pronunciation and take your English to the next level.


Does your degree include any math problems? Mathway will help you with algebra, statistics, and much more. You can enter your math problem directly or find the desired type of calculator.

For more information and tips for students follow our categories “Practical tips for expats” or “Education in the Czech Republic”. If you need help with nostrification or opening a Czech account, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you!

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