Brno and Chill – where to relax in Brno

#LifeInCzechia Isn’t the sunshine just pulling you out of your house these days? Yep, spring is here and we all want to go outside again after months of cold. Whether you wanna go for a run, walk your dog or just sit on a bench and have a chat, there are perfect spots in Brno for this! For this post, we chose some of them that are definitely worth visiting.


Nothing better than a walk in sunshine!


Brno is filled with parks – whether it is time for a picnic, a run or you just want to read a book outside, the parks are perfect to do so. You have several options here: first of all, the largest and oldest park in the city – Lužánky, is not only a place to relax or take your kids out – it is much more! You can enjoy great shows, concerts and team sport events there.

Some other parks which are definitely worth mentioning and visiting are Kraví hora, Denisovy sady or Tyršův sad.


Brno Reservoir

Whether you are looking  for a nice walk in the early spring or for a refreshing swim in the hot summer, the Dam in Brno is a place to go! You can also hear the locals calling it Brněnská přehrada, Prýgl, or by its old name Kníničská přehrada.

If you want to make your trip more interesting, you should not miss the Brněnská ZOO which is nearby and has over 400 species of animals. See their website here.


Špilberk Castle and Park

Špilberk has dominated Brno for over 7 centuries now and is often described as a jewel of Moravian gothic architecture.

You can get a tour of the castle for different prices depending on what you want to see – if you go for a tour of the tower and the royal chapel, the price is 90 CZK.

If you decide to visit the museum which holds permanent exhibitions of Moravian era, it is 160 CZK/person.

You can learn more about admissions and the opening hours here. Be aware that the time when the castle is open for tours differs – with the first cycle from April to September and the second one from October to March.

Nevertheless, the castle also has a beautiful park that is free of charge and you can enjoy a nice spring walk here with a magnificent view of the city!

So, this is just a small taste of what Brno can offer you. Whether you come for a short visit or you are in the city for a long stay, there is always something new to see! Hopefully you check the places mentioned above and find them as magical as we do.



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