Explore the Beauty of Czech Nature! Let’s Go Hiking

We all know that a perfect weekend is the one that you spend out of home! What can be better than a nice day passed in beautiful Czech nature? Are you in the mood for some travelling in the country you relocated to? Then this article is for you!

Beautiful nature of the Czech Republic

In addition to the capital, charming small towns and castles in the Czech Republic, there are many interesting natural places that are suitable for a weekend trip. The Czechs themselves are constantly exploring their country, and in a hiking style: climbing the mountains, rafting on the rivers, camping. Visit the places where The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed,  climb the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, or wander in the deepest cave,  go see what Bohemian Paradise looks like – do not be afraid to leave the city, because Czech nature is truly beautiful.

Where to start?

Hiking in the Czech Republic is very easy and convenient: most of the hiking tracks are marked with signs of the nearest towns and distances to them. Currently there more than 1.000 hiking options in the Czech Republic for outdoor enthusiasts. You can find a track of your own preference: long or short distance trails, trails for amateurs and professionals. There are standard markers for the difficulty of the trail: the red and blue markers indicate the most difficult trails, and the yellow and green markers – the easiest ones. Just choose your region and pick your trail!

The algorithm for planning any trip to the Czech Republic is as follows: find the nearest city or town to the selected natural place. There you can find further information about the hiking trail and even get a map of the surrounding area. You can also download maps on Google Maps or the Czech Mapy.cz.

The view from the top of Sněžka

The highest mountain

Climb to Sněžka – the queen of the Czech mountains! The highest peak is 1602 meters, which makes the hiking option available for everyone. Sněžka has been popular among tourists for centuries. You can climb the top of Sněžka on the designated tourist routes. Along the way, you will admire the magnificent views of the Krkonoše National Park.

Hiking tour begins in a tourist village at the foot of the mountain – Pec pod Sněžkou. The village consists mainly of touristic guesthouses and ski rentals, and it has its own convenient and useful website – here you will find a map, tourist routes, discounts, places to stay and entertainment. In case you are not in the mood for climbing and conquering the highest peak of the Czech Republic, you can always use a funicular to get there.

In addition to Sněžka, there are many other mountains and tourist routes of varying complexity, so lovers of mountain walks can easily stay for a couple of days, and in winter, of course, go skiing.

The bottom of Macocha abyss

The deepest abyss

Good news for those who live in Brno! There is a very interesting natural object located close to it – Moravian karst (Moravský kras). It is a mountain range 25 kilometres long, inside of which there is a system of more than a thousand caves. Only five of them are open for visitors but this is enough for impressions: there are underground rivers and lakes, drawings of ancient people, stalactites, stalagmites and even helictites!

The most popular place of Moravian karst is Macocha abyss. Macocha abyss is rightfully considered a unique monument of nature. This is a huge abyss, formed as a result of the collapse of a cave. For a long time, it has been surrounded by an aura of mystery. The inhabitants of the local villages believed that this abyss has no bottom.

If you want to visit Moravian karst, you need to get to the town of Blansko and from there you can go on foot or use public transport. Information about the prices can be found on the official website of the Moravian karst. Don’t forget to bring a coat with you, it is usually cold in the caves.

A beautiful lake in the Czech Republic

The widest forest

Few places in Central Europe can meet such a harmonious region as the National Park of Šumava. The dense forests on the Czech-Bavarian border are so vast that together they create the largest single wooded area of the entire continent. This combination of centuries-old forests, mirror-clear lakes and mysterious peat bogs creates a unique poetic place for outdoor activities at any time of the year.

For a long time, the entrance to Šumava National Park was forbidden for visitors. Therefore, the local nature has retained its unique beauty and purity to our days. There you can visit two lakes: Čertovo (Devil’s) and Černé (Black) lakes that were formed as a consequence of the melting of the glacier.

For the most beautiful views of the park’s landscape, you can see from the look-out tower on the top of the mountain Poledník (Meridian), which will show you the entire mountain range.

Pravčická brána (Falcon’s Nest)

Switzerland in the Czech Republic

We would like to offer you one more national park to visit. Czech Switzerland (České Švýcarsko) is one of the most beautiful areas in the Czech Republic and has no comparisons: forests, valleys around sandstone rocks…

The major tourist attraction here – Pravčická brána (Falcon’s Nest), the largest stone bridge in Europe (height 16 m) and the main symbol of  Czech Switzerland. This place attracts not only tourists but also film crews: one of the scenes of the Chronicles of Narnia was shot here!

Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise

If you need to get a concentrated form of Czech experience, namely to see a lot of different castles in the middle of forests and mountains – you should go to Bohemian Paradise, and it’s not a game of words. Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj) is a protected natural area in the North of the Czech Republic, located in forests and rocks between the cities of Turnov, Jičín and Mnichovo Hradiště.

You can explore this area for a few days, especially since in addition to the rocks and nature, there are many different castles. The most famous castles are the castle Trosky (two towers on two rocks opposite each other) and the castle Kost, which often hosts medieval festivals. If you would like to visit Bohemian Paradise, check their official website which is full of useful tips for your hiking experience!

In case, you prefer a relaxing pastime and want to have some time for self-care after a long working week, feel free to check out the article about destinations for spa experience in the Czech Republic!


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  2. I absolutely love the fact that you have the freedom in the Czech Republic to roam as you like. OK, there are some private properties, but compared with the United States, you have far more freedom here. Also, it’s generally not frowned upon when you go ‘tramping’, unlike in some other countries. It is such a wonderful country, with such hospitable people. It is one of life’s perks, waking up in your tent and looking outside to see where you set your tent up the night before.

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