“Tough Times Can Help You Grow”: Interview with Foreigners’ Relocation Consultant Martin Chudoba

Our Relocation Consultant Martin was recently promoted to the position of a PRO(fessional) at Foreigners. We caught up with him at the Brno office over a cup of coffee to discuss his career growth, how he’s survived and thrived during the pandemic, his favorite part of working with people, and what he enjoys doing in his free time.

Martin Chudoba Pro

Relocation Consultant Martin has been promoted to a PRO.


Martin, how do you feel about being promoted to a PRO at Foreigners? 

Actually, I don’t think I’ve fully realized it yet, because I’m just so used to being a Senior. I definitely wasn’t expecting it. But it’s another step up and I’m taking it as a challenge to work on myself even harder to meet my goals.

Our last interview was in 2019, before the pandemic. How do you reflect on these past two years?

It’s been a challenge. The situation wasn’t easy in 2020. We had to assimilate to a “new normal”. Lockdowns happened and the demand went down and there was less work. We also had to take care of our health and morale to be able to even do our job without falling into despair.

I’m personally a very positive person – I believe there’s always a way out. We sat down and came up with a system to make sure we work effectively and it paid off. The first wave of COVID-19 was tough, the second one was a little better… and we made it through both of them. I personally believe that tough times can help you grow.

Can you tell us about a case you’ve dealt with during the past 2 years that stuck in your mind?

What sticks in my mind is how many anxious apartment owners and even Air BnB owners we heard from during the pandemic. They needed our help to find tenants because everybody left. So, even though typically our mission as Relocation Consultants is to help foreigners find a place to live, during the pandemic we also helped owners a lot.

We also began focusing on foreigners already living in Czechia and offered them better apartments with better conditions.


Clients appreciate Martin’s helpfulness and that he goes above and beyond for them.


Aside from being promoted to a PRO, we also hear you’ve been given the “Team Player of the Month” award 6 times in 2021.

It’s another thing I don’t tend to think about – just like with the promotion. But of course, it’s great when I become Team Player of the Month – it’s the cherry on top of my work satisfaction, a confirmation that I do my job well

Foreigners’ clients say about you in our Google Reviews that you’re “enthusiastic,” “patient,” and that you go “above and beyond.” How does that make you feel?

It’s another confirmation that I did my job well and we’ve reached the WIN-WIN-WIN principle wherein the client is happy, myself and the agency are happy, and apartment owners are happy too.

People appreciate it when you make contact with them and listen to their stories and want to make them feel at home. I think they’re glad when there’s someone here who wants to help them and enjoys doing it.


Martin enjoys working with people, which makes him a great Relocation Consultant.


Do you enjoy working with people? What else do you like about your job?

Working with people is fulfilling to me. I like confrontation, communication, and being able to speak English with different people in different ways – be it over the phone, email, or in person.

My favorite thing about my job is that it’s dynamic. I also enjoy that as a Relocation Consultant, I get to see a lot of unique real estate which isn’t usually accessible to regular people, meet interesting owners, employees, students… it’s just a really fascinating experience.

And thanks to meeting people from all over the world, I don’t have to travel, because the world comes to me. I get to befriend them, too. Recently I befriended a young American couple who are amazing people. I even took the guy to see a Kometa ice hockey match.

Aside from working, we know you also enjoy exercise and sports. What is it about exercise that you enjoy and what kind of exercise do you enjoy the most? 

It’s a great way to wind down and relax. Sometimes I have to do a lot of administrative tasks, so I need to do some exercise to give back to my body. I’m not the type of person who enjoys lazying around all the time. I’m an active person.

Currently, I go to the gym twice a week and I also play floorball once a week. If I have the time and enough energy, I enjoy going for a run – I’ve already run 2 half-marathons. Sometimes I also do dance workshops.

Do you have any other hobbies?

Sometimes I moderate dance events or any other events I can get. I also enjoy reading a good book and going out for walks while taking pictures of Brno.

I like Brno a lot. It’s a pleasant place and you can come across unique moments. For example, Octobers in Brno are stunning when all the autumn colours blend into each other. I believe Brno is a beautiful city and has a special charm – it’s neither too big, nor too small. There’s always something important to capture. I even have a special Instagram page where I put my pictures of Brno.


Example from Martin’s special Brno Instagram account @brno_statl_lajf

Example from Martin’s special Brno Instagram account @brno_statl_lajf


What’s your favourite thing about the Foreigners agency and its team?

Being a Relocation Consultant at Foreigners is a dream job. What I really enjoy about Foreigners is the system and how everyone works together. Everyone’s friendly and there’s always good vibes. It’s not like a big corporation which can be a bit uptight – Foreigners has a free company culture

How would you describe the job of a Relocation Consultant in 5 words?

Dynamic, unpredictable, challenging, creative, and friendly.

Thank you for your answers! Do you have anything to say to foreigners who are thinking about relocating to the Czech Republic?

You’re welcome! And to any foreigners who are planning on relocating to the Czech Republic, I’d say, don’t be afraid to come here! You won’t be alone. There’s always going to be someone here to make you feel at home.

Are you planning on relocating to the Czech Republic? Maybe you’ll even get to meet Martin! Let us know if you need any help with your immigration matters and settling down. We are here to make you feel at home!

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