14 Things To Do on a Rainy Day

We’ve all prayed for it and here it is, finally: The Rain! It’s been raining only for a day, and everyone starts complaining about how gloomy it is and how depressed they feel. Ironical, isn’t it 😉 Well, rainy days are perfect for some quality personal time with yourself or with a bunch of friends, even if you are locked in the apartment. Here’s our proof:

things to do on a rainy day in prague

List of fun things you can do while it’s raining outside

  1. If you choose to stay in on a rainy day, use the opportunity and watch all the movies you’ve been longing to watch
  2. Do some indoor exercises for a change, or have a relaxing yoga session. Search videos on Youtube for more inspiration 🙂
  3. Staying in on a gloomy day is your best chance to catch up with your cleaning!
  4. You can also try some new crazy recipes only from the ingredients left in your fridge 🙂
  5. Or you can get wild and order pizza delivery 🙂
  6. When it’s raining outside, nothing really distracts you from having your work properly done.
  7. When you finished, play some living room games with your flatmates or family.
  8. If you have a pet, spend some quality time together.
  9. Email your friends and family back home.
  10. This one is for the ladies, gents can feel free to join though: treat yourself with some home spa procedures – like a hot bath, body scrub or a manicure.
  11. Create a self-made video of some special pics and send it to your special ones.
  12. Read your favourite book, magazine or a newspaper.
  13. Reveal a creative inner self: draw, paint, write, take fun photos.
  14. Or just relax and do nothing without feeling guilty about it 🙂

things to do on a rainy day

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  1. I’m looking for a good book to read on my next rainy day. What do you suggest?

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