Domeq Brings New Service to Tenants – Fitness Room!

DOMEQ in Brno takes another step (or should we say jump) to provide the best care for its tenants! A longed-for fitness room is finally here to help Domeq tenants kick-start their day each morning with some nice work-out. 

A survey conducted last year among the tenants showed that they would very much appreciate a study room and a gym at their hand. The study room was delivered at the beginning of this year. But the gym took more work to do before it was ready. And so planning, designing and shopping started, to be followed by reconstruction works and installation of all equipment and voila! At the ground floor of Domeq, just opposite to the bike room, a private gym for Domeq tenants is ready to welcome the sport-loving.

domeq fitness room
Domeq tenants can use a newly opened gym.

What Does the Gym Have to Offer?

Quality equipment by Matrix and Tiguar, generous opening hours and Domeq-like signature industrial design – that’s what it’s about.

On a wall-mounted TV, music from YouTube or other online media can be streamed to give rhythm to your indoor cycle spins or to your determined hard work on the rowing machine. 

Sports equipment in Domeq gym
Domeq offers equipment for both cardio and muscle building.

Gym visitors can follow any online fitness program on the TV, like a yoga or bosu class (yes the bosu ball and exercise mats are here, too) or they can distract themselves by watching the news while taking their regular run on a treadmill.

There are numerous ways to tease one’s muscles here: power bags, fitness balls, and a wide selection of dumbbells and kettlebells – the choice is yours! 

Not good enough? Okay, how about a TRX Pro kit for those who dare!

TRX Pro kit
TRX Pro kit for those who dare!

Domeq Fitness Room Opening Hours and Maintenance

Every day including weekends, the tenants can sweat through their sports outfits from 7am till 10pm. Hygienic conditions are guaranteed by every morning’s thorough clean-up by Domeq personnel and by disinfection and disposable paper towels at disposal at all times. Safety is ensured by a camera that streams the feed to the nonstop opened reception. 

Sounds cool! Can I take a peek?
Absolutely! Check out this video!

Wow, I love it! Can I come, too?
Well, it depends – are you a Domeq tenant?
If yes, then simply stop by at the reception – they will know what to do for you.
If not, we have to disappoint you – this gym serves the residents of Domeq, exclusively.

Although, don’t lose all hope just yet! You can make the choice today and become a Domeq resident by tomorrow! Just go to Domeq website to check available rooms to rent or to arrange a visit.

As a Domeq resident, you will be able to enjoy not only this fun gym but many other pluses this accommodation has to offer! Regular cleaning service in your room, so that you never have to pick up a vacuum cleaner. Ever. Again. And hit the gym, rather. Or to chill with a playstation or pool table downstairs in the lobby. Or hang around outside by the sports facilities at the foot of Domeq. But about that some other time… 

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