Olomouc Has Joined the Challenge Do Práce Na Kole – on Bike to Work. Will You Join, Too?

For the ninth time, the City of Olomouc is participating in a nationwide challenge On Bike to Work with the aim of supporting sustainable mobility and healthy movement. Try to change your traffic habits for one month! 

This year, it is possible to include not only your trips to work, but also trips to nature, supermarket, or trips with your dogDo práce na kole (On Bike to Work) is a nationwide challenge, which takes place from 1 to 31 May and which motivates us to travel by bike or scooter, to walk or jog. This is the ninth time that the city of Olomouc has joined the traditional campaign. 

“Last year, we finished fourth in a total of thirty-four cities, which was a very good result. This year, the same as in the past, more than fifty employees of the municipality are going to participate in the challenge,“ emphasizes Matouš Pelikán, Deputy Mayor of Olomouc for the area Smart City. 

Thousands of individuals and companies from all over the country regularly participate in the monthly challenge using bikes, scooters, or even on foot. “Even though the challenge has a competitive character, far more important is the internal motivation of individual participants and the conscious effort to overcome comfort and get to work regularly by different means than by car for one month,” says Pavel Bednařík, the main organizer of the Olomouc part of the campaign.

Although this challenge starts only in May, you may register already now on this website. The earlier you do so, the less you pay for the entrance fee. Also, you will receive your starting package including an original t-shirt earlier. On the website, you will also find more information. During the challenge, you can track your progress through the app or you can manually insert your progress into the registration system. Every day you can compare yourself to the other participants from all Czech Republic.

In pursuance of the annual campaign On Bike to Work, the city of Olomouc has planned a series of events for the participants of this challenge and also the wide public. These are financially and organizationally supported by the city itself. If the situation permits it, bike rides, debates, seminars or picnics in the park will be also included.

Source: Noviny kraje
Picture sources: Foreigners blog, Noviny kraje

Anna Muller

Hi there, my name is Anna and I am somewhat a foreigner in the Czech Republic too. Born and raised in Luxembourg yet having also the Czech nationality allows me to perceive the international flow from multiple perspectives.

2 thoughts on “Olomouc Has Joined the Challenge Do Práce Na Kole – on Bike to Work. Will You Join, Too?

  1. i don’t understand, why someone is consider as foreigner if we are all born in EU, and we have the same rights in all EU countries?
    for example i am born in a country where i never live after that, and i live in 3 different countries almost the same part of time periods, so where i am foreigner and where i m not?
    that is ridiculous.
    we as Europeans must stop using this terminology we are all native in all EU countries thats it..

    1. Hi Al!
      Thank you for your comment! That’s an interesting perspective. I think that the definition of a “foreigner” is different for everyone and some people don’t differentiate between EU and third-country citizens in that regard. I don’t think it needs to be taken as a negative word. It’s a better word than “alien,” which is what I was officially called when I lived in America :D.

      I hope you’re well!

      Take care,

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