Prague Professionals: Fine-tune Your Work-Life Balance in Unique Workspaces That Fit Your Every Need

The pandemic has changed the world in many ways, including how we work and where we work. Companies and employees as well as freelancers have been looking for alternatives to traditional office spaces. Scott.Weber Workspace offers 10 amazing locations in Prague (2 of which are opening soon) where you can (co)work, record a podcast, arrange a meeting over coffee or even have your company headquarters. Sky’s the limit. Want to learn more?

Scott.Weber Workspace Blox, Praha 6 Dejvice.

Scott.Weber Workspace Blox, Praha 6 Dejvice.


From quarantine to (co)working

The pandemic has completely transformed the way people work and collaborate. No longer confined to the quarantine of our “home offices” yet reluctant to return to the mundane routine of our actual offices, we want to try something new and exciting. Fortunately, there are many places across the country that allow you to do just that.

If you live in Prague, you have indeed many options when it comes to the best locations where you can work and socialize at the same time. One operator of particularly unique places we’d like to introduce to you today is Scott.Weber Workspace a company that currently provides 10 cutting-edge workspaces in Prague out of which 2 locations are opening soon. 

Scott.Weber offers stunning yet flexible working environments that will fit whatever working style you have. In addition, you can use their locations as friendly spots to meet similar-minded people or even potential partners. Once your meeting is over, you can have some fun and relax.


More advantages

Striking things off your to-do list in Scott.Weber locations is a pleasure. If coworking isn’t really your cup of tea, don’t worry, because these workspaces aren’t just about (co)working.

Do you need more space for your business? Do you need to organize an event? No problem. Simply choose one of their locations based on what they provide.

There are many additional options, including a private office, conference room, company headquarters, event space, flexible desk, and even a virtual studio. You’ll definitely find the right office solution for your needs.

Other benefits of Scott.Weber Workspace include:

  •   Networking – you can exchange ideas and even collaborate with the other patrons
  •   Diverse environment – you’ll for sure meet interesting people from different fields and even different cultures
  •   Work v. fun balance – you can alternate between deep-focus work and moments of fun when you need to take a break
  •   Modern technology – are you making a podcast? This is the place to do it!
  •   Healthy environment


Scott.Weber Workspace Blox, Praha 6 Dejvice. 2

Scott.Weber Workspace Blox, Praha 6 Dejvice.


Where to go & Blox opening soon!

Scott.Weber Workspace currently maintains 10 locations in Prague, including in Karlín, Wenceslas Square, Vinohrady, Anděl, and Pankrác. Pick whichever spot best suits your needs, your to-do list, and the nature of your business

2 out of these 10 will be opening soon. The newest upcoming project is called Blox and will be located in downtown Dejvice. This unique space was designed with a focus on functionality, communication, innovation, and development. The interior is gorgeous and completely original, built in the Japandi style, which is a mix of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism. It gives off a clean, functional, and calming vibe, so it’s perfect for all those who need a quiet and calming environment to focus. 

Blox is opening in April 2022 and you’re all invited to be the first ones to book it!

Check out all of the other locations operated by Scott.Weber Workspace on their website where you can also find out the availability and price for each spot.

 Did we pique your interest? Want to try out (co)working in non-traditional, trendy workspaces in Prague? All you need to do is contact Martin Holý, Scott.Weber’s Head of Growth at or call his number at +420 725 746 984.

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