New Navigation Signs in Prague Metro

Recently, Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) started testing new navigation system for designating exits. The metro station Nádraží Holešovice has already received a new version of the system. Soon, a test system will be installed at the stations I. P. Pavlova and Náměstí Míru. The test version will show whether the navigation system will operate on all 61 metro stations or will be inconvenient for people.

The newness of such an orientation system in the metro is marked by numbers, the same as on highways. Such a measure is intended to facilitate and accelerate orientation in the exit system of the metro. There are more than 300 overground exits in the Prague metro, only at the Můstek station; the line “A” has 17 exits.

How to not get lost in Prague?

These measures are taken to get results in the form of improved navigation for residents and visitors of Prague. DPP in cooperation with transit organizer ROPID make sure that the new navigation system in the Prague metro is the main task to make the transport system more mobile and improved for travel by Public Transport in the Czech Republic, as well as to combine different types of healthy mobility to stimulate walking or improve the connection of public transport with the railway



Metro exit numbers are marked on the new overview map around the metro station, on the platform windows and in the metro lobby. Also, the output numbers are planned to be inserted into the DPP and ROPID program to search for the necessary transport. Such innovation will help passengers to understand the exits in the metro and to get to the desired station or stop.

For example, if a passenger needs to get to the I.P. Pavlova station they take exit E3 and continue by tram –№ 4, 10 or 16 to the Štěpánská stop.

Besides, the Prague public transportation is considered to be the most convenient and useful in Europe. More information can be found in our blog article The Best Public Transport in Europe. 

Happy travels in Prague!


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