How to Park Your Car in Czechia: Survival Guide

#LifeInCzechia Czechia is known for its great public transport system for inner-city as well as long-distance commutes. However, having a car comes in handy for a quick transfer to scarcely populated areas or if you have a family. After a successful registration of your car in Czechia, there is one more thing that needs to be figured out. Parking! In this article, we will guide you through the parking systems and rules in several Czech cities.


Every city is divided into different parking zones.

Every city is divided into different parking zones.

Definition of terms

Am I a resident or a subscriber? What is short-term parking? Let’s begin with an explanation of some of the basic terms to help you understand the rules.

  • Parking zones – a division of designated parking areas within a city with different rules (fees, parking hours, etc.)
  • Parking card – a card allowing parking in a specific zone based on residency or registered office in the area
  • Resident – a person with a permanent residence or ownership of real estate in the area
  • Subscriber – a self-employed person with a registered office or place of business in the area
  • Visitor – a family relative, friend, or serviceman parking in the area with the purpose of visiting your address
  • Short-term parking – an area with time-restricted parking with payment via parking meter or online, no parking card required


In Prague, you will find three types of parking zones: 

  • Blue zones are intended for residential parking and you need a valid parking permit. It is possible to park here for a short period of time, but you need to pay a parking fee in advance. The parking hours are usually from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and the parking here is not regulated outside the parking hours. 
  • Purple zones serve for mixed parking. There are no restrictions for people with a valid parking permit. Others can only park here for a maximum of 24 hours after paying the fee. If the parking hours are not indicated, the rules apply continuously.

Orange zones are intended for short-term parking after payment of the fee. Just look out for the time restrictions that apply here. The fees vary from district to district and can be found on site or on the internet.



In Brno, the parking is based on a flower principle. The center of the flower represents your residential or business address where is your parking base. The petals are neighboring areas where you are allowed to park as well. This system gives privilege for residents and subscribers to have more parking space.

There are three zones: 

  • Zone A or the historical center has 24/7 parking regulations. A permit for entrance is needed. The first 30 minutes of parking are free, then you need to pay 40 CZK/hour.
  • Zone B runs around the city center. The first 60 minutes of parking are free, then you need to pay 30 CZK/hour. Zone C represents the rest of the city. It is regulated from 5:00 pm to 6:00 am. The first 60 minutes of parking are free, then you need to pay 20 CZK/hour.

Residents and subscribers in zone A and B have 200 visitor hours for free. They can buy another 100 hours per year. In zone C it is 100+50 visitor hours. Visitor’s parking during weekends is free.



In Pilsen, there are parking zones A, B, C, D, and F. These zones are designated for owners of a parking card. There are two types of cards. Parking card P is a prepaid card for commercial entities that are located in the paid parking zones. The prices depend on the zone.

Parking card R is a residential parking card. The permit will cost you 100CZK/month, 220CZK/3 months, 380CZK/6 months, or 700CZK/year. Parking fees for short-term parking depend on the zone. If you pay by card, there is a 20% reduction from the fee.



In Olomouc, designated parking areas and some selected local roads fall under paid parking zones. Parking here is allowed in marked parking areas with an Olomouc Parking Card or with a parking coupon

The price for a long-term parking card for residents is 1.000CZK/year, for subscribers, it is 10.500CZK/year. For every other car, there is a surplus of 50%. Short-term parking will cost you 100CZK/hour in zone A and 40CZK/hour in zone B.


Hradec Králové

In Hradec Králové, there are several parking zones. Zone 1 is the urban heritage area only for residents and subscribers. Yellow zone is between the historic center and river Labe designated for residents, subscribers, and visitors.

Green zone is a zone of mixed parking. Blue zones are for residents only. Red zones are mixed zones with a parking fee of a maximum of 40 CZK/day. Orange zone represents mixed parking but with a time restriction of a maximum of 1 hour on some streets.

Residents can buy a parking card starting at 1.000 CZK/year depending on the zone and subscribers from 7.200 CZK/year.


Short-term parking can be paid for online in all the above-mentioned cities. You can use the platform MPLA for Prague, Brno, Pilsen, and Olomouc. For Hradec Králové, use the platform ISP.

Last but not least, keep in mind that there are regular block cleanings. Make sure you understand what to do to avoid fees. For more tips, check out our categories of “Living” and “Practical tips”. Do you need help with car registration? You know where to find us.


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