About Foreigners

Foreigners are a friendly agency that takes any burden off foreigners moving to the Czech Republic, with locations in five Czech cities, we lend a helping hand around the entire country.

What we do

Our main specialization is finding superior private accommodation (e.g. apartments for rent or sale), but that is not all – we also provide these services:

  • apartment/flat or house for rent or sale
  • health insurance for foreigners
  • relocation services
  • immigration administration
  • transportation to/from an airport, around a city or among cities
  • driving license in English language
  • translations
  • language courses
  • leisure activities
  • and many more…

Our goal is to make the Czech Republic feel like home!

How we do it

We stay in touch with our clients during the whole time of their stay in the Czech Republic. That is why we are different from regular agencies such as any real estate agency, insurance company etc..

Basically, if you take an apartment for rent from Foreigners.cz we will be able to provide such services as:

  • contact with your landlord during the whole rental period
  • arrange any insurance for you
  • assist you at any local authority (e.g. Immigration department)
  • connect you with other foreigners
  • provide you transportation from/to any destination you need (airport or just simply around a city)
  • cleaning services
  • and many more

Our motto

“Feel at home with us” is our main motto and that is the way how we serve our client!

Foreigners.cz Contact

Website: www.foreigners.cz
Email: info@foreigners.cz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Foreigners.cz

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