What to See in Theatres in Prague and Brno this Spring?

#LifeInCzechia Spring is slowly approaching. It doesn’t only wake up nature, but also the cultural production of the National Theatre. Do you want to get lost in a thrilling story of a drama, fill your heart with the warm tones of an opera or watch the mesmerizing moves of ballet dancers? Check out the new performances in Prague and Brno. Some start as early as this February, so do not hesitate to buy a ticket.


Janáček Theatre



There are 4 new plays with English subtitles at the National Theatre and the Estates Theatre:

La Ronde – a whirl of ten provocative dialogues of love, life, time, and being

The Bacchae – a story about humility, revenge, mass hysteria, and travesty

Our Uppish and Defiant Fellows – a forcible and non-idealized depiction of life in a Czech village.

Dangerous Liaisons – a game of two rivals and partners where love is capable of both saving and destroying everything



This spring the great work of Giuseppe Verdi is celebrated with a series of his operas called VIVA VERDI. In February and March, you will have the chance to see four of his operas – Rigoletto, La Traviata, Macbeth, and Aida. Moreover, if you buy tickets to two or more performances of the VIVA VERDI series, you get an opera fan discount of 20% off the original price.

Rigolettotragic story of a fascinating, dark drama of passion, betrayal, and revenge

La Traviata – a romantic idealization of unhappy love with deep and emotional lyrics

Macbeth – a psychological opera thriller based on a play by William Shakespeare

Aida – an inner conflict of a woman who must decide between loyalty to her homeland and love for a man who belongs to the oppressors of her nation.



Streetcar Named Desire – a dramatic ballet based on Tennessee Williams‘ play held between the normal world and insanity

La Sylphide – a story about a different world with a transcending sylph as a symbol of desire

Cinderella – a remake of the popular story of Cinderella



National Theatre Brno has prepared several new pieces. On top of that, it confirmed it will be part of the Theatre World Festival Brno. It will take place from 13 May to 27 May. Check out the festival’s page to learn about the program.


We have chosen three new dramas for this season you should not miss.

Waiting for Godot – a story of a testimony of the absurdity of human existence.

Nothing On – a brilliant situational comedy revealing the ‘under-the-hood’ of the creative process.

Liar – a story about an egocentric liar who gets lost in his lies



Merry Widow – a mission of getting a widow married while keeping the millions in the principality

Falstaff – the one and only comedy by Giuseppe Verdi inspired by William Shakespeare’s figure of Sir John Falstaff

Salome – an expressive, short, and shocking opera based on Oscar Wilde‘s play about obsessive love



Balanchine – a comprehensive evening of selections from the works of George Balanchine

If you want to feel at home in the Czech Republic, check out our categories of “Living” and “Places to go” where you will find tips for great pastime activities and recommendations for interesting spots. You will not only have a lot of fun but also learn about your new home.


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