Domeq Has Something For Everyone: Learn All About Brno’s Trendiest Residential Complex from Community Manager Jan Pernička

Brno’s residential complex Domeq has a new lord and protector. Say hello to Jan, its new Community Manager! We sat down with Jan to talk all things Domeq, from how it’s going with its newest addition – Domeq 2&3 – to what kind of tenants he’s currently taking care of. Read more to find out all about this unique accommodation project and why it’s the perfect place to live for both young students full of energy and mature entrepreneurs full of ideas.

New community manager of Domeq

Jan Pernička is a new Community Manager of Domeq.

Jan, before we get into Domeq, can you tell us a little bit about you and your prior work experience?

Hi, my name is Jan Pernička and I am the new Community Manager of Domeq. I used to live in London where I worked in the travel industry. I became homesick after a couple years, so I decided to return to Czechia where I worked as a project manager in international departments and also dabbled in event management for a while. And now I’m here!

Do you feel like all of these work experiences have prepared you for your job in Domeq?

For sure, especially when it comes to working in international environments. I used to manage multicultural teams of employees from all over the world, including the Philippines, Russia, Spain, Italy, India, and Japan. That’s how I learned to get on well with people from all kinds of places – both interculturally and on a personal level. Some of the people I met in London are still good friends of mine.

You’re Domeq’s new Community Manager. What does this job entail?

It entails being responsible for the entire coordination of the complex. I make sure that the buildings are fully occupied and that everything runs smoothly together with our new receptionist Kristýna. I’m also the main contact person for both new clients and current tenants – in case they want to e.g. sign or extend their lease, move out, move in, use a service we provide, etc. 

Currently, my job also concerns putting finishing touches on Domeq 2&3 and finalising its newly-built units, so that we can keep broadening our accommodation offer.

Domeq Exterior 1

Exterior of Domeq 1

For those who’ve never heard of it – can you explain what Domeq actually is?

Domeq is a residential complex situated on Dornych street, near the city center of Brno. It consists of 3 buildings – Domeq 1 and Domeq 2&3. It offers a diverse variety of apartments with additional services, such as weekly cleaning or gym access. We provide short-term leases, long-term leases, we welcome students, young professionals, and also company managers and families… There’s something for everyone.

Cost-wise, Domeq can be very affordable. Our apartments start at 11,500 CZK per month. Having said that, those with higher standards of living will also find their perfect unit. 

What’s the main difference between Domeq 1 and Domeq 2&3?

The main difference is in the level of furnishing and equipment. We can also say that each project is suitable for a different group of people, depending on who you are and what you do. 

Domeq 1 is perfect for students or workers who are planning on staying in Czechia short-term. It’s a coliving project, so there’s more bustle and fun and you become a part of a community.

Domeq 2&3 is more suitable for long-term tenants because its units have more equipment and thus offer more options. There are dishwashers, AC, and big double-beds, which make the apartments suitable for both singles and couples. It’s a quieter environment but tenants of Domeq 2&3 still have full access to all the services and facilities at Domeq 1 (which is nearby), including both terraces, lobby, gym, laundry room, etc., so they don’t actually miss out on anything.

Domeq 2&3 Exterior

Exteriors of Domeq 2&3

Do you think some tenants might eventually end up living in both?

Definitely! For example, you might be a student who came to Brno on Erasmus and decides to live in Domeq 1, because it’s affordable and you’re interested in the coliving community. When you return to Brno in the future, however – perhaps as an employee in one of Brno’s big international companies – you might choose to switch to Domeq 2&3, because you want a higher standard of living and a quieter environment. 

What would you highlight about each of these projects?

Domeq 1’s biggest benefit is the option of coliving and community. If I was a student I’d love to live there.

When it comes to Domeq 2&3, I’d definitely mention its playful design and uniquely large windows which provide breathtaking views of Brno

Interior of Domeq 1

Interior of Domeq 1

How many units are there in total? Any vacancies? Who are the tenants?

The entire complex consists of 317 units. Domeq 1 is currently near 100% of capacity for January and February. As for Domeq 2&3 – all finished units are currently occupied. That being said, we open additional new units every week, so those interested in living there have every chance of snatching one!

As for the tenants, I can tell you that it’s very diverse. For example, last week I signed a lease with a client from Brazil. We also have tenants from France, India, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, the rest of Europe and – of course – the Czech Republic. 

If you could live in Domeq, which specific unit would you choose and why?

I’d definitely choose one of the higher floors because I enjoy nice views. Specifically, I’d choose unit 717 in Domeq 2, which is a 1-bedroom apartment with an amazing view of the city on the 7th floor.

Interior of Domeq 3

Interior of Domeq 2

Do you see Domeq as a good option for foreigners who want to settle in Brno?

Definitely. Domeq is a great place for foreigners. Especially those who have come to Czechia for the first time, are still disoriented and don’t know things like where the doctor is, how to open a bank account, etc. Thanks to the fact that Domeq is operated by Foreigners agency, we can help these tenants with anything they might need beyond accommodation – from immigration services to things like driving license or diploma legalization

What’s your relationship to foreigners and foreign countries in general?

Very warm. You could even say I seek out international environments. As I mentioned, I used to work with multicultural teams and I really thrived there. I really enjoy looking for ways to communicate and I like creating something together in order to achieve a common goal.

I also love traveling. I’ve traveled across Europe and Asia – for example, I’ve been to Vietnam and Mauritius. But there are still many countries and places I haven’t visited yet. I haven’t gone to America and Africa for example, which are both on my list.

What else do you like doing when you’re not working or traveling?

I like good food, natural wines, and running outside – typically somewhere in the wild nature. I also enjoy classical music – particularly Mozart. I actually went to music school where I studied the clarinet and took conducting classes. That’s still a passion of mine.

How would you describe the position of Community Manager at Domeq in 5 words?

Diverse, friendly, detail-oriented, communicative, caring.


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Take a tour of Domeq 1 and 2&3!

Does Domeq sound like the perfect place for you to live? Contact us or the Community Manager Jan and we’ll give you a tour of Domeq 1 or Domeq 2&3, based on your personal preference. If you’re not sure about which unit would be the best for you, we’d love to help you make the right decision.

Are you ready to start a new adventure in Domeq? Let’s go! 

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