Domeq: Why It Is Such a Fun Place to Live at

Everyone probably has some ideas about their perfect home, but regardless of our individual demands and requirements, we all may have one thing in common: We want our home to have a soul; something interesting that would tell us its story as soon as we open the door. And that is exactly what Domeq is about. In this article, you’ll read what its coordinator Veronika Svobodová told us about it and why it is such a cool place for living.

Domeq’s tenants

One of the things that makes Domeq so special are the people who live there. While the biggest groups of Domeq’s inhabitants consist of South Europeans, Japanese, Austrians, Belgians, and the Dutch, it is generally inhabited by people from all over the world. However, Domeq is not for foreigners only – there are also a few Czechs and Slovaks (who are not considered foreign by most Czechs) living there. This makes Domeq an overall incredibly diverse and multicultural place which Veronika, who is very experienced in this field, takes care of with extreme care and enthusiasm.

And why are they here, you ask? They came to Brno to study there at a university – mostly fields like medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, airmanship or something similar. But there are not just students – many of Domeq’s inhabitants are young professionals who came here for work – for example in IT or similar fields. All of them have one thing in common, though – they stay at Domeq because it’s the only place in Brno for a short-term lease, which is exactly what they need as they might not be staying here for more than a few months.

If you’re thinking about working or studying in Brno, maybe you could also consider another reason for living at Domeq: The lonely hearts can find their soulmate there. Veronika, Domeq’s Coordinator, has a lot of interesting experiences with Domeq and shared a sweet story with us: “Once we had a boy and a girl – he was Dutch and she came from Bosnia – move into Domeq. They met there, got to know each other and eventually I lost them as tenants because they decided to move in together and needed a bigger apartment. This is the only way of losing tenants I actually like!” So, if you still haven’t found the love of your life, keep in mind that there is Domeq where such things are possible!

Yet another thing that makes Domeq so interesting

What else makes Domeq special? As Veronika told us, it might be the only building whose “birthday” is celebrated. “On Domeq’s first birthday, its owner sent us a DJ from Ibiza and she threw a great party! It’s an annual tradition and even though we don’t invite DJs from Ibiza anymore, we still invite some DJs, usually Czech, every year. Every year we also have a birthday cake or cupcakes, something to drink and there is also a photo booth which always offers a lot of fun!” said Veronika.

As Veronika told us, Domeq might be the only building whose “birthday” is celebrated. And it’s always a lot of fun.

Apart from that, in 2018 Domeq took part in a project helping young adults from Children’s homes to learn how to live on their own. Several young people, who had just turned 18, were offered accommodation there, could choose their own summer part-time jobs and in the meantime, they were also improving their knowledge of mathematics and English, for example.

And what is Domeq in the first place?

Domeq is a shared housing concept owned by a co-owner of the CTP company, Central Europe’s largest industrial developer. This modern building with balconies and terraces on the roof was opened in 2017 in Brno near a small river Ponávka – not too far from Brno city center, in fact. In Domeq there are 159 apartments and its tenants can meet in the lobby where they can use a billiard table, playstation or projection screen to watch movies and a lot more other fun things. If they want, they can also use the study room or exercise in the new fitness room. So there is always something to do and it’s hard to get bored.

Its surroundings are exciting as well – just around the corner from Domeq you can find, for example, a multipurpose playground, nook with hammocks, two campfire rings, and a ping-pong table. Nearby there is also a shipping container rebuilt as a mini-cinema – one can simply bring their own notebook, plug it in, and start screening.

Besides the fun things for free time activities, there are also many great places to eat. There are several interesting street food trucks which we already wrote about in one of our previous articles.

If you don’t want to miss out on any important news about Domeq, you can follow the life of the building on Facebook and Instagram.

By the way, make also sure you won’t miss Domeq’s “Get Your Rouska Off” Party which will be held there on Wednesday, May 3!

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