Live and Work in a Modern Multicultural Hub at Domeq

Living the life of a digital nomad? Domeq is an international hub for everyone who is looking for a place to live and work in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic.

Domeq Brno outside view
Domeq view

Foreigners offer a full services facility at Domeq. The newly built building, opened in November 2017, brings a modern urban touch to an industrial area. Some call it Brno’s Brooklyn!

Conference area at Domeq Brno
Dedicated areas for conference and talks.

Want to network and have a spacious place to co-work when you are not just creating on your own? Take advantage of Domeq’s lobby and conference space to be more productive, and enjoy some of the many events we organize during your spare time.

And when you need to take a break, just go down to the lobby for a coffee, a bit of pool, or even watch your favorite game on one of the four TVs in the relaxing area.

Right next to Domeq, you can visit one of the best coffee shop in Brno, Industra, or just go for dinner or do some shopping in Vankovka.

Situated a few minutes from the city centre and with various transportation options right at the door, Domeq is the perfect solution for those looking to move to Brno for a short time, or a bit longer, before they go on another adventure to a different town/country!

Pool table

From small bedrooms to big apartments, Domeq provides its tenants with a huge variety of services that can be used by all; from a pool table to conference areas, anyone staying at Domeq can enjoy everything it has to offer.

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