The Exciting Journey of Domeq So Far

Domeq has been through quite a journey since the beginning of the year. Together we have managed the COVID-19 situation well. Three disinfections of the whole facility later, Domeq is pretty much full and occupied by long-term tenants. Today, seven months after the beginning of the year, we bring you a summary of this very productive year so far.

Domeq exterior

Who Are the Domeq Tenants?

In total there are currently 178 people living in Domeq in 147 rooms – out of these 31 rooms are shared. Domeq is very popular with students but did you know that the majority of tenants are working people? It is occupied by 70 students and 108 working professionals. This makes Domeq full for long-term leases at least until the end of this year, but worry not, if you are a traveller looking for a short term accommodation or you are coming in January, you can make your reservation today

Fun fact, the spectrum of nationalities in Domeq is very wide, there are people from 41 different countries from all over the world! 

To name a few prominent groups:

  • 34 United Kingdom
  • 19 Serbia
  • 18 Italy
  • 10 Bosnia
  • 8 Japan
  • 6 Czech and 1 Slovak

What Types of Contracts Prevail?

Tenants who have decided to book their accommodation for summer were fortunate to do so without commission. Right after the summer ends, an updated price list will come into effect with a slightly increased basic rent to reflect on the current situation on the real estate market. Despite this fact, Domeq has been able to maintain more than 92% occupancy. 

Domeq prides in faithful tenants – out of the 147 ongoing contracts, 63 are at least once prolonged which implies them being happy and content living in Domeq. The remaining 76 contracts have not been prolonged (but might be later). 

Fun fact, there are 279 single beds and 15 double beds here!

Domeq interior

What Companies Choose Domeq?

A portion of these rooms, 37 units, to be more exact, is rented by companies, which is a significant percentage. The rest of the rooms are rented by private individuals. It is also worth noting what companies are renting our apartments for their employees, among other corporations like Lufthansa or Atlas Copco. 

New gym in Domeq

Let’s Make Our Home More Exciting!

Right before the quarantine started we finished the new gym! It is open exclusively for Domeq tenants and it can fulfil all of your workout needs from a treadmill to a wide variety of dumbbells. As another improvement, the Domeq terrace was enriched by design garden bags full of herbs and strawberries for the tenants use. 

To make the tenants feel even more at home, social events are planned regularly to take place at Domeq.

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