Advantages of Living Abroad Together with Your Friends

Are you wondering if you should live with your close friends when heading abroad? Or are you moving to the Czech Republic alone and you want to make some new connections? Coliving spaces may be the right place for your new home! Perhaps you are thinking if it is not weird living surrounded by strangers you have never seen! But do you know you can make lifelong friendships in such a type of accommodation? Let’s have a look at some reasons why co-living may be the perfect choice for you.

Dormitories x private apartments? Coliving space is another option! It’s still quite new in the Czech Republic. It’s a combination of both dormitories and private accommodation. Imagine an apartment building that has common spaces where students can meet each other like in dormitories, but they live in modern, usually fully-furnished units. These units are often smaller than regular apartments, but they have their own bathroom and in the majority of cases also kitchen or kitchenette. On top of that, coliving often offers many options for leisure activities as well, such as gyms or study rooms for tenants!

1. More sociable

You can be 100% sure that you will not feel lonely when you choose to live in coliving spaces. It may be the best way to find a community that’s just right for you! Making plans to socialise suddenly gets so much easier because you start living with people who want to meet and make new friendships as well! You may be busy during your Uni, work, and you start worrying about making time for friends. But you will always come home to them every night and you spend time with them. Co-living means a more sociable living scenario – fun, games and amazing social life! 

Coliving provides a community space for gatherings.
Coliving provides a community space for gatherings.

2. Cook together

Choose apartments in Domeq in Brno and avoid your stress from cooking as we know that not only young people are beginners at the kitchen! But it’s not a shame and we know cooking for one and eating alone can get a bit tiresome and boring at times. Living with flatmates can make cooking and eating much more fun! Making dinner together is an unforgettable and great bonding experience! Try it and you will realise that boring jobs like peeling potatoes feel much more endurable. The shared kitchen usually means great new recipes and much more food! Also, each of you can cook traditional food from your country, so you can taste a lot of new and original dishes.


Cooking with friends is so much fun!
Cooking with friends is so much fun!

3. Less homesick

Moving away for university is a big transition, wherever you come from the other side of the world or an hour down the road. Having always someone near to you is the ultimate cure for homesickness. Do you think you will feel lonely in an apartment full of friends? Very unlikely! If you or your housemates have a down day, you can count on each other to be there to support. Anyway, If that doesn’t work, go check and read our blog post how to feel at home abroad. And a little reminder for you: There is no shame in being homesick, it means you came from a happy home!

Be surrounded by your friends!
Be surrounded by your friends!

4. Study together

Living and sharing the room with someone who is going to the same university or even is on the same course as you can be amazing, don’t you think? It can be a brilliant motivator to get out of the bed and make it to the early class in the morning! You can study together for the exams, help and support each other during the exam period. Also, you do not have to buy all textbooks and you can share them or split the cost and save some money. Domeq features a number of on-site amenities and services! Quiet and study room is also included! 

Study together with your friends in the study room in Domeq!
Study together with your friends in the study room in Domeq!

Are you a student coming to
the Czech Republic and still haven’t booked a place to stay? Move to Domeq! We have apartments available for you and your friends! We know having the right base is a big deal, and we are here to help you find the right accommodation that meets your budget. Just contact us!

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