When Opportunity Meets Creativity, History Is Made, Says Kim, a Domeq Tenant

Last week, while drinking my morning coffee at the lobby area at Domeq, I had the opportunity to have an interesting conversation with Kim Lougart, one of our tenants there.

Kim relocated to the Czech Republic from Denmark a year ago and has been living in Brno ever since while working at Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting.

Kim work in Domeq’s lobby on a daily basis.

In Infosys, he works in one of their engagements where he delivers IT services for the Danish market, but before relocating to Brno, Kim was working as a (digital) freelancer in Denmark, where he also owns two other small businesses.

As someone could already guess, you can find Kim working, pretty much all day long in order to keep things under control and manage to succeed in all his projects.

3D Panther

These days, while not working for Infosys, Kim is mostly working on setting up his new company 3Dpanther (UPDATED on February 16: link removed – website not found) which operates within 3D printers. 3Dpanther is a new venture of his that aspires to bring creativity to life, as they put it.

Just like ‘everyone’ used to have a printer for their pc, he believes that every household will have a 3D printer before 2030. “We want to make creativity available for all people by providing a tool or rather an extension of people’s own creativity and imagination. The world needs creative people and creative people deserve the most updated tools,” he states.

Kim believes that when opportunity meets creativity, history is made. “I think that a simple tool in the right hands has the ability to change human history. But, of course, a tool is only as powerful as the hands putting it to use.”

His aspiration for the future is to be able to organize his life and businesses in such a way that he will be able to go wherever he wants, whenever he wants, while still working remotely from his computer. “I truly believe that nowadays, most activities can be easily done remotely and if you have a business that is digital, automated, and scalable that is exactly what you need. Just your computer and a stable internet connection. Nothing more, nothing less.” 

Kim “playing pool” with his 3D printer

Domeq – a Perfect place for Digital Nomads

That is also why he decided to live in our Domeq, as he finds its location close to the city centre really convenient and he also enjoys working remotely from the coworking space in the lobby. 

As you might already know, Domeq is a cutting-edge co-living concept that creates a supportive environment for its tenants and it is fun to live there. Thanks to the option to move to an apartment in Domeq for only one month it is a suitable option for travelers, digital nomads, and freelancers. Moreover, the place is full of people from all over the world and once you live there you can rent a bike or workout in the new fitness room!

If you want to check Kim’s businesses click below:

Consultancy: https://kimlougart.dk/
Chatbot business: https://hejanton.com/
3D printing business: http://www.3dpanther.com/ (UPDATED on February 12: link removed – website not found)


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