2 Years of Life as a Digital Nomad at Domeq

This past year was very challenging for everyone, but how did it influence freelancers and digital nomads? This article is a follow-up interview with Kim Lougart, one of Domeq’s tenants, who has a particular view on this phenomenon.

Kim relocated from Denmark to Brno in April 2019 and has lived here ever since.
We had a very interesting discussion on numerous topics ranging from a professional point of view to personal life goals. We talked about Kim’s experience in Brno during the ongoing pandemic and him being a freelancer for almost his entire adult life. Next to his freelancing career, coaching and seeking out opportunities is also a big part of who he is and what he does: intentionally and unintentionally.

Kim in the lobby of Domeq

Domeq – Co-living accommodation

Kim lives at Domeq – a community-building right next to Brno’s city centre. “Domeq is really a perfect place for me, it fits my lifestyle and it gives me value”. Its cutting-edge concept of providing a private yet social life-enhancing environment and its wide spectrum of services suits young and modern professionals. For Kim, services, such as bigger cleaning of the units, make his life easier and therefore give it value.

Domeq fits his lifestyle in the sense of working “from home” yet having a professional environment at once. “I can work from my room, or I can go to the lobby area or the study room and work from there,” he names. Also, being really close to the city’s centre and having, therefore, access to numerous places to go for relaxation, leisure or just to work from a different place is becoming.

Working remotely

As a remotely working person, Kim has no need to go to the office to work and saves time and money on transportation and other fees. He thinks that even when the pandemic situation will come to an end, a big part of people will stay in a more or less remote working space.

“Due to covid, the vast majority of the population had to switch from office-work to home-office and use communication tools like Zoom, MS Teams and others. […] Many people got used to this kind of communication and CEO’s and managers of big companies re-evaluated the importance of office space. […] It became a comfort in an uncomfortable situation.”

Another characteristic of working remotely is the concept of doing work whenever: if you have a task that doesn’t follow a specific deadline you can choose to do it at any time during the day or night.

Home-office aesthetics


Kim believes that with the right skillsets, anything is possible. Next to digital life tools, such as social media, marketing and others, which are the future, there are personal skill sets that matter just as much. One of Kim’s biggest mottos is “GET SH*T DONE”. “It’s the combination of the right mindset, attitude, personality and use of talent.”

His life goal is to be happy and to achieve happiness. One must combine the previously stated skill sets with imagination, passion and a plan. Kim makes the distinction between happiness and satisfaction and explains it with the terms: instant & delayed gratification.

Instant gratification means that one craves or wants some kind of reward or pleasure immediately. Delayed gratification is the opposite. It means to resist the impulse of being rewarded immediately and choosing to wait for a more valuable reward in the future. With delayed gratification, happiness will come because the expectation of rewards isn’t the main source of motivation. Additionally, “[…] this kind of approach permits the enhancement of divergent thinking and imagination and creates ‘pattern breakers’ which determine future success.”

Isn’t it interesting how this thought process corresponds with Domeq’s exceptional concept that really stands out?  


We have a very interesting special offer on a number of units at Domeq, so if you are interested in living there, visit our website.

Also, if you would like to find out more about Kim, visit his website: https://kimlougart.dk

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