Fragrant Herbs Garden at Domeq Terrace

Urban gardening is a popular trend of growing plants in an urban environment. And Domeq happily adopted it! This progressive accommodation in Brno prides itself not only on modern design but also modern way of thinking – recycling, low energies consumption construction,… and now urban gardening! 

Domeq is thinking green!

On the terrace of Domeq, located on the 6th floor, many plants found their home and catching both rays of sun and rainwater during summer, they have grown from small shy sprouts into bold and bushy herbal jungle in these cool design “Green Bags” (which are, in fact, yellow and pink):

“The Green Bag” on Domeq terrace

Yes, it is mostly herbs, but there are strawberries, too!

Planted in bright pink and yellow bags filled with soil, there are many types of herbs and also some decorative plants to be found there, and even a few wild strawberry plants that already bear fruit.

Forrest strawberries for grabs!

Step up your culinary game

The herbs are for grabs for any tenant of Domeq who would like to upgrade their cooking to a new level and add a touch of freshness and fragrance to their dishes. There is rosemary and thyme that will elevate your steaks to cloud nine, oregano to spice up any pizza.

Fluffy and silver sage

You can opt for beautiful, silver-like fluffy leaves of sage and make yourself a vegetarian dish – how about classic Italian gnocchi with sage butter? 

Oregano – to use fresh or dry and store

Is it grass or is it chives?

Yes, chives do look like blades of grass. But! Once you learn to distinguish them, chives will reward you with a taste similar to young spring onions – how delicious to sprinkle its crispy bits over your morning scrambled eggs! 

Chives have round and hollow blades

Not a big fan of cooking? We have you covered! Check out here where you can go have a bite around Domeq and use the herbs in a different way:

Feeling too hot? Mint will cool you down

Another herb that can be found in the designer bags is mint – its natural ability to cool a human organism down from inside, it will be a great help on hot days. Or, if your belly hurts, mint tea will help you sooth it.

Lovely lavender

And the best for the last – beautiful, wonderfully fragrant lavender! Not only its violet flowers look radiant, but their soft scent can calm irritated nerves, and even gently help you fall asleep. Just cut some lavender and place it near your bed, you will feel the difference right the next day.

Lavender smells like heaven!

Apart from the garden, Domeq terrace also provides its inhabitants with a nice view onto the city centre and hosts social events for tenants and their friends during various occasions

Sound too good to be true? Well, don’t believe us and visit Domeq to see yourself! Contact us at to schedule a viewing and ask about available apartments to rent.

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