Domeq: The Effects of a Pleasant View from a Window

The pressure which people face today has inevitable consequences. It contributes to the experience of mental fatigue and stress. Research has proven that a pleasant view can help your health due to its restorative effect. At Domeq, the window view of Brno is a daily delight.

View around Domeq

People positively react to visual complexity. Nature has an elaborated structure: it replicates itself at each step and this evolving symmetry reduces stress thanks to the human aesthetic preference of structured patterns.

The city view from a window provides the same calming aesthetic quality as the natural environment. Looking out from a window in Domeq, you will see the network of buildings, streets, and green areas that will give a sense of regularity which will make you feel relaxed without any effort.

Double-room in Domeq

From Domeq, you will see Petrov, Špilberk castle, trees and parks jutting out from the urban exterior, and the hills typical of the South Moravian landscape.

Stress can make people be less broad-minded, less effective and, in general, less healthy. Having a view of a charming environment will help you mitigate the unfortunate effects of stress and will improve your overall mood.

Single-room in Domeq

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