What Is Proof of Accommodation?

It doesn’t depend whether you are planning on living in a dormitory or in a flat: when you arrive in the Czech Republic you are obliged to provide a document affirming your accommodation within 3 working days. It can be either your lease agreement (most cases) or so-called declaration (proof) of accommodation. You also need this very document, when you apply for a visa at the embassy. Shortly said, declaration of accommodation is a document which solves many issues concerning your visa in the Czech Republic.

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Proof of accommodation is a document which you are required to present at the Ministry of Interior within 3 working days of entering the Czech Republic. It also applies when you already live in the Czech Republic and would like to move to another place: you should report the change of address at the Ministry of Interior within 30 days, otherwise you might have serious problems and even get deported. To avoid such situations, consider using our services, so you’re always feeling safe.

When you arrive to the Czech Republic and are planning to live at different address from which you provided when you applied for a visa in your home country, you are also obliged to report the address of your stay at the Ministry of Interior. If you’re not found at the place where you’re supposed to live according to your proof of accommodation, you will have major troubles.

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But what about finding a place to live when you are applying for a visa in you home country? Or you still didn’t sign a valid lease agreement? There are a few ways how to get a proof of accommodation:

  • Booking an apartment distantly. Frankly speaking, it might bring you a lot of complications: long searching of the proper flat, deposit at the rate of the first rent and commission (usually 1x or 2x flat rent)… Using this option you may take a certain financial risk, but of course we are here to help with this option as well. 
  • Arranging a legitimate accommodation affirming your stay in the Czech Republic which involves everything Immigration Office and Czech Embassy need. This is a much cheaper and less complicated than the first option. For further information follow the link and take advantage of our services in order to get your first flat in the Czech Republic without any difficulties.
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Still have questions regarding proof of accommodation or flats in the Czech Republic? Don’t hesitate to contact our office and find out everything what concerns you. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated about all information for expats in the Czech Republic!

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