Coronavirus in Czechia: Update on Upcoming Restriction Relaxations, Masks, and Fresh News about Vaccination

The Czech government is relaxing more restrictions on 10 May than previously announced. These amendments concern face masks and travelling. Additionally, it looks like the original vaccination roll-out plan may be speeding up. What’s already relaxed? What’s being relaxed on 10 May? Who can get vaccinated at the moment? Read this article to make sure you’re up to date on everything related to #CoronavirusInCzechia.

The Ministry of Health has recently come up with a brand new 6-package system for restriction relaxations. However, sometimes it is still unclear which restrictions are being relaxed when. The government also frequently amends the rules, so it can be difficult to keep up. We have compiled some of the fresh information concerning restriction relaxations, vaccination, and other news to make sure you’re always up to date.

Mask-wearing outside will be relaxed under the condition of social distancing.

Mask-wearing outside will be relaxed under the condition of social distancing.




What has just reopened

Restriction relaxations are in full swing in Czechia at the moment, mostly in accordance with the 6-package system devised by the Ministry of Health. What’s currently open?

  • Hair salons, cosmetic salons, and other body care services (excluding tattoo and piercing parlours)
  • Animal care services
  • Galleries and museums 
  • Spa care for those who have recently suffered from COVID-19
  • Some middle school pupils returned to school In Prague and 6 other regions with a good epidemiological situation – on a rotation principle
  • And the number of regions where all children are allowed to go to kindergarten has increased from 3 to 7

Testing, testing, testing

Those who would like to use the above-mentioned services can do so under the condition of a negative COVID-19 test. Professionally-done PCR tests are valid for 7 days. Certified antigen tests are valid for 72 hours. It’s possible to use the test from your mandatory testing at work.

Additionally, service providers are allowed to test the customer on site, according to Petr Arenberger. However, this solution should only be used in rare cases. Also, you could only use this test for that specific service.




What’s opening on 10 May

The government has already approved a restriction relaxation plan for 10 May. According to the Ministry of Health, 10 May will mark the reopening of:

  • Shoe, bag, and saddle repair 
  • Watchmaker’s, jewellery stores, craft metal shops
  • Carpenters and floormakers
  • Musical instruments
  • Publishing services, polygraphic services, bookmakers, copy centres
  • Accountants and tax accountants
  • Glass makers, framers, and mounters
  • The lending and sales of movables
  • Designers, arrangers, and modeling
  • Photographers
  • Translators and interpreters
  • Extra-curricular activities, courses and seminars, including lectures
  • Trade and services (used car sales and car shows)
  • Floricultural burning 
  • Voluntary auction sales of movables in accordance with the public auction law
  • Physical training and sports services
  • Sun parlors
  • Courses on providing protective disinfection and deratisation
  • Childcare below 3 years of age in a daily regime
  • Travel agencies and other travel services
  • Shooting-ranges and shooting trainings
  • Pawn Shops and antique shops
  • Tattoo parlours


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Aside from these shops and services, the following relaxations have also been approved, valid from 10 May:  

  • The return of children to school in additional regions
  • The reopening of all kindergartens (no masks or tests)
  • The reopening of some highschools in the rotation regime in Ústecký region, Olomoucký region, the South Moravian region and the Moravian-Silesian region. The approval for Zlínský region, South Bohemian region and the Vysočina region is pending
  • Relaxation of practical and clinical classes at universities (all years) should be relaxed in most regions (excluding regions with a bad COVID-19 situation)
  • Exams (including entrance exams) will be allowed under the condition of social distancing (at least 1,5 m)
  • Exhibitions

Masks and respirators

It has also been announced that we might expect the relaxation of rules concerning the protection of nose and mouth. From 10 May, it will be possible to go without a mask or a respirator outside, if you’re socially distancing (at least 2 m). These rules are similar to those set last Fall.

The government will make a definite decision concerning masks on 6 May.

Weekly testing at work

The government has also decided that the weekly testing system in companies, public offices, and for self-employed persons should remain valid until at least the end of June.





  • 5 May will mark the opening of vaccination registration for everyone above the age of 50 (at the moment, everyone over 55 can register)
  • According to InsideScoop, the Prime Minister has also recently announced that he is planning on opening vaccination registration to everyone above 16 years of age on 1 June, latest
  • According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, you will not need to get a test or to quarantine if you’re returning from orange or red countries anymore if you’ve been vaccinated (and it’s been at least 14 days since your second dose).


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  1. Hi Tereza,
    “From 10 May, it will be possible to go without a mask or a respirator outside, if you’re socially distancing (at least 2 m).”
    So if I am walking down a sidewalk that is less than 2 meters wide and someone approaches me not wearing a mask thus causing me to attempt to get 2 meters distance between us and I then decide to step out into the roadway with a vehicle approaching very near my position, which would be worse?
    Getting hit by the approaching vehicle or chancing getting COVID from the said passerby?
    Yea I know, this was meant to be sarcastic humor, enjoy.
    Take care and watch out for vehicles on roadways,

    1. Hi Dwight!
      I had the same response to that measure, haha! Obviously, it means you should be wearing the mask in crowded places or places where you’re likely to get into that predicament :D.

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  2. Hi Tereza,
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    1. Hi Dwight!
      As someone who caught the disease last year and was sick for 3 months… I’ll have to agree.
      Take care,

  3. Hi Tereza,
    WOW!!! I did not know you had caught the nasty bug. So glad you are on the mend. I can assume you have fully recovered? No lasting side effects?
    Take care,

    1. Hi Dwight! I’m still having some issues, but it’s slowly getting better. Thank you for asking!


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