Coronavirus Motto: My Face Mask Protects You, Yours Protects Me

Coronavirus is a huge issue discussed on a daily basis nowadays. So far, many things have been said concerning the use of masks in public. That’s why we decided to take a moment and address this subject once and for all. For that matter, Petr Ludwig’s Youtube video was extremely helpful.

Therefore, in this article we summarized for you the main points of it:

  • Masks protect the people around you effectively.

Coronavirus is usually spreading in droplets and the material of the masks is made to protect you from a droplet infection.

Masks, also, protect from spreading the virus, since many people are infectious even before having any symptoms. So they end up spreading the virus unknowingly or they might have minor symptoms so it’s hard to recognize that they’re infectious.

  • The best option would be for you to have several masks and not just one so that you could clean them after a single-use (I mean if you have made-from-cloth ones). The typical face masks (blue/white color) are meant for one use only.
  • Right now it might be difficult for you to find a mask in a store, but there’s always the option of making one by yourself. Just click here and follow the tutorial.

Wearing a mask is not an option anymore, but a necessity!

  • The disinfection of your hands and your mobile phone is vital! Your phone is one of the biggest sources of viruses and bacteria.
  • If you cannot find a hand sanitizer at the moment you can always make one on your own. Alcohol works like one, too.
  • Echinacea, a popular herb commonly used to prevent flu, colds and other infections, halves the risk of recurrent respiratory infections.  Υou can buy it as drops in a drugstore.
  • A cold shower every day helps to jumpstart your cardiovascular system in the morning, which has a positive effect on the immune system.
  • Reduce alcohol and smoking (most deaths in China were linked to smoking)
  • Sleep better. Sleep generally improves our immune system and well-being.
  • Stay at home as much as possible, and most importantly,

Did you know that Petr Ludwig is also the author of the End of Procrastination Book and was one of the guests of our conference last year? Check it here. And if you want to spread the message of wearing masks you can use the #Masks4All the next time you upload a picture with a face mask.

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