Feel Like in a Fairy Tale – Take a Trip to Luhačovice Spa Town

A spa town may sound like a boring place appealing only for old or sick people. Quite the opposite! The Czech Republic belongs to the countries that have most significantly contributed to the global blooming of spas with the highest development during the 18th to 20th century. It is not only about treatments, massages, bathing, or drinking from natural healing streams. Spa towns attract all generations by its calming atmosphere or impressive architecture. Luhačovice is one of them.

Luhačovice is a middle-size town about two hours drive from Brno, Zlín district, near the Slovakian and Austrian borders. The first mention of Luhačovice appears in a historical document of 1412. The mineral springs in the area were first mentioned in the 17th century and are connected to the Serényi family who also built the spa there. Luhačovice was turned into a modern spa at the beginning of the 20th century by a Czech doctor František Veselý.

ottovka luhačovice
Mineral water in Luhačovice is heavily mineralized.

Mineral water in Luhačovice is a heavily mineralized, naturally effervescent residual seawater bottled under the famous brand name Vincentka. It is recommended for drinking and inhalation procedures in case of disorders of respiratory organs, vocal cords, or in case of diseases of metabolism, stomach, and much more. Vincentka is also used by those who had too much alcohol the previous night – it is known as one of the ways to cure a hangover.

Bedřich Smetana House in Luhačovice
Bedřich Smetana House, a hotel in Luhačovice

As typical for spa towns, there is an exquisite colonnade similar to a park in Luhačovice for strolling, drinking the magical mineral water, or just enjoying the embracing air. The colonnade is lined by numerous cafés and restaurants where you can refresh yourself and again, relax in the fairy-tale-like charming environment that was made exactly for this purpose.

As for the architecture, while walking around you will notice that the buildings in Luhačovice look kinda similar. It is because they all feature the typical style of the Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič, who is mostly associated with Art Nouveau as you can see when visiting the Jurkovič House in Brno.

Dušan Jurkovič Luhačovice
Jestřabí, one of the villas projected by Dušan Jurkovič

If you feel a bit restless in Luhačovice you don’t have to only stay and wander around the town. There are many touristic tracks you can take and do a little hiking, for example, if you have a dog with you. If you go to Luhačovice in summer, I recommend following the touristic signs and walk to the Luhačovice dam reservoir which is located in the Pozlovice district. There you can swim or sunbathe, drink or eat something and walk back on a nice cycling path. The whole circle has about 10 kilometers so you can make it into a half-day trip. Depending on how much time you want to spend in the reservoir.

Reservoir Pozlovice
Reservoir in Luhačovice-Pozlovice

Once looking for accommodation in Luhačovice, I spent a couple of days at Eden Residence which is sort of like a little resort consisting of 12 modern villas right in the heart of the town. In cozy two-floor suits, you find everything you need, including a terrace with outside furniture.

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  1. As for the architecture, while walking around you will notice that the buildings in Luhačovice

  2. Are spa fees paid in Pensions if one pers0n holds a ztp/p card and is over 70 and the partner is over 83?……….Brian Evans.

    1. Hi Brian,
      That’s a very complicated question and I’ll admit I’m not sure about this. I think it might be a good idea to talk to your insurance company or the spa place in question about this to find out.


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