2020 Tax Return: Submitting Date Postponed to May 3

Considering the current epidemiological situation, deadlines for filing the income tax return have been postponed until May 3 for paper fillers and June 1 for electronic ones. However, some other submitting deadlines can still change throughout the year depending on the development of the coronavirus crisis in the Czech Republic.

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Czech Tax Return

Everyone – companies, freelancers, Czechs, expats – are obliged to fill the income tax return every year in the Czech Republic. This rule applies to those who are actively working in the country or they receive an income with the source in the territory of the Czech Republic. 

Car-owners have to fill in the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). Same as the real estate property owners have to fill out the real estate tax every year.

Value Added Tax (VAT) – foreign traders have to fill in a VAT return every month. 


Deadlines for self-employed persons submitting the Statement of Income and Expenses

Health Insurance 

The amount of health insurance for self-employed in 2020 depends on several factors:

  • If self-employment is considered as a main or secondary occupation
  • Amount of the overall gross profit
  • If you were self-employed for the entirety  of 2020

In order to gain this health insurance, one must submit the overview of incomes and expenses to the relevant health insurance company until:

April 4 – Self-employed persons who are not obliged to submit the tax returns

August 2 – Self-employed persons for which the tax return is filed by a tax advisor 

May 3 – All the other self-employed persons 


Postponed deadlines

Deadlines for submitting tax returns depend on whether they are submitted electronically or on paper:

May 3 – Those who are submitting their tax return in paper form

June 1 – Those are filing  their tax returns electronically 

July 1 – Those who are submitting their tax return in paper form BUT are also using the services of a tax advisor

The complete calendar with all the updates on taxes can be found on the site of the Financial Administration.


Do you struggle with submitting your tax return or any other paperwork? Feel free to reach us at info@foreigners.cz. We will be happy to help you! Also, be sure to keep an eye on our blog for all the important updates.


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