Certified Translations

When dealing with Czech offices you will most probably need documents officially translated by a court-certified interpreter and translator who can provide the necessary round stamp they will be looking for. Foreigners.cz can arrange official translation for any language you might need!

Certified translation

In case of certified translation, you have to deliver the original document or its notarial verification (a copy of the document authorized by a notary – in this case the original stays untouched and it is the copy that is bound together with the translation). To speed up the process, you can also send us a scan by email so that we can have it translated by the time the original is delivered by mail. Contact us if you’d like to get a translation calculation for your document.

Certified translations to from Czech by Foreigners.cz

Why make a notarial verification?

With certified translation, the original document has to be bound together with the translation. Therefore we do not recommend providing the original document which you may need separately in the future. Foreigners.cz can arrange making a notarial verification of your document for 100 CZK + 21% VAT per first page and 50 CZK + 21% VAT per following pages. Therefore you will have the original untouched and the translation will be bound with the copy verified by a notary.

The whole process is as follows:

  1. send us a document to be translated by email and specify whether you need a normal or a certified translation, the required deadline and other requirements
  2. if you need it certified, send us the original physical document or its notarial verification by post or bring it to our office personally
  3. pay a deposit in cash in our office or the whole amount if you arrange it distantly / online
  4. your translation will be ready in a few days depending on the extent and sent to you by post or ready to be picked up in our office

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