Trip to Třebíč: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Do you like to discover new places in the Czech Republic? Now it’s the best time! Since travelling around the world is limited, we can still explore beautiful places and corners in the Czech territory that we may haven’t known about. So many local cities have something special to offer! Třebíč city is situated in the western part of Moravia, on the south-western tip of the region Vysočina. It is known mainly for the history of the city, as tourists can appreciate many unique monuments.

Where to go and what to visit in Třebíč?


Basilica of St. Prokopius

The three-naval Romanesque-Gothic Basilica of St. Prokopius is the jewel among the regional attractions. The gem of medieval architecture has been added to the Unesco Heritage Site in 2003, just like the Jewish Quarter and the Jewish Cemetery, because of its historical and architectural significance. Visit the website for the opening hours and tours services. 


Jewish Quarter 

As a symbol of the long and varied past of the Jewish population, you can see a special quarter in Třebíč known as one of the best-preserved urban areas in Europe. For decades, the Jewish City has received its view. Narrow avenues, passages, strainer arches, porches and balconies establish the area’s distinctive character.



Jewish Cemetery

As part of the Jewish Quarter, one of the biggest and best-preserved Jewish cemeteries in the Czech Republic was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003. You can find the Jewish cemetery on the northern slope of Hrádek Hill, where it is coupled to the Jewish Quarter by a zigzag path.

Jewish Cemetery


Charles Square

One of the largest Czech Republic’s squares. Three Renaissance houses are painted, and there is a statue of St. Cyril and Methodius in the centre of the square. The square acts as a venue for markets, fairs, and numerous cultural activities and festivals.

Town Tower

The 75 high-meter landmark of the historic centre, connected with the facade of St. Martin’s Church, is historically linked to the period of 1335, when Margrave Charles, later Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV permitted Třebíč to follow the norm of urban law.

Town Tower



There is no lack of contact with nature in a town rich in culture and major UNESCO sites. Directly in Třebíč, greenery is represented in the form of town parks, gardens and forest parks. To the south, above the town centre, from the old municipal cemetery, the Tyrs Gardens stretch to the outskirts of the town, linked to the Libuše valley in the south-western portion.


Astronomical Observatory

The observatory is becoming a spot where the night sky is observed by people. for children and adults, there are separate thematic programmes and astronomical circles. Public opening days are every Friday, regardless of the weather, and only in good weather on Saturdays.

Astronomical Observatory


Obývák bistro a káva

The cafe with the cute name Obyvák (living room in Czech) is located on the main square. The cosy spaces will pleasantly surprise you with their unique atmosphere. Obyvák Coffee offers an unexpectedly wide selection of coffee specialities and snacks to eat.


Salsa Café and Wine Bar

Salsa is a café and wine bar focused on the culture of serving and consuming wine and coffee. It also offers tasting evenings with winemakers, with the possibility of buying wines at discounted prices. The café has become a very popular business in recent years. The main element here is of course coffee and drinks. Sweet desserts, for example, are offered here as an additional assortment. 

Cafe Salsa

Did Třebíč impress you? You can easily get there by train or bus from
Prague and Brno. The journey from Prague takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. The journey from Brno is much shorter, it takes a little over an hour and the connections run really often. Are you an avid traveller too? Keep your eyes on our blog! We often share various tips for trips! Don’t forget to follow us on social media and tag us in your travel photos!


Source of photos: Eliška Svobodová

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