Coronavirus in Czechia: Middle School Students Returning to School and Shops to Re-Open on 10 May

After a special meeting, the government decided on further easements of the coronavirus restrictions. Middle school (6th to 9th grade) students will be allowed to return to school in 7 regions on 3 May. The reopening date of shops changed to 10 May. The reopening date of the bodycare services stays the same.

Pupils Returning to Schools
The students will return to schools according to the rotation principle.


Students Coming Back to Schools on 3 May

Students from the regions of Hradec Králové, Karlovy vary, Plzeň, Central Bohemian, Liberec, Pardubice and Prague will be allowed to return to primary schools on 3 May. The students will return to schools according to the rotation principle. Classes will alternate on a weekly basis during distance learning.

In addition, in the regions stated above, kindergartens will reopen as well. Children who will return to kindergartens won’t need to be tested or wear masks.

Museums and galleries will also reopen in these 7 regions.




When will other pupils return to school?

The remaining seven regions will open schools and kindergartens on 10 May. Additionally, university students should return to school on this date as well.


How often will the students be tested?

From 3 May,first graders and school staff will be tested only once a week. Second graders will have to be tested twice a week.


Shops reopening on 10 May

The government’s original plan was to reopen all shops on 3 May. However, the number of positive tests is not decreasing as rapidly as at the beginning. The government doesn’t want to make any mistakes at this point, therefore they have decided on postponing the date of shops reopening to 10 May.




Yet, the opening date of the bodycare services, similar to salons and barbershops, pedicures, manicures, massage salons, cosmetics stays the same. With the obligation of having a negative antigen (not older than 72 hours) or PCR (not older than 7 days) COVID-19 test.

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