How to Register Your Car without Obstacles

Car registration in the Czech Republic is a very easy process. That is if you are well prepared and have every document necessary. Otherwise, it can turn into a never-ending story. In this article, we will take a look at all the required documents and steps, so your car registration process is as smooth as possible.

car registration
Why do you need a car registration?

Anyone operating a vehicle for more than 185 days in the Czech Republic is obliged to register it. If not, problems may occur in the event of a car accident. Also, dealing with the insurance company to cover any damages or repairs might be problematic.

Registering a car from an EU country 

If you have a car registered in a different EU country and you transported it to the Czech Republic, the following things are required: 

  1. Technical inspection department (State Technical Control – STK) – You will be given a certificate of roadworthiness, ie. a red sticker for the technical inspection and a green sticker for the emissions.
  2. Liability insurance 
  3. COC list – a certificate of conformity or original registration document (not necessary but if the car does not have it, STK is more expensive)
  4. Filled in car registration form – Žádost o přihlášení vozidla (Can be downloaded here)

Registering a car from a non-EU country

If your car is registered outside the EU and you want to bring it to the Czech Republic, the same documents are needed as for the EU (stated above) plus an additional customs declaration and an invoice or proof of purchase.

Additionally, in order to bring your car from your home country, you must be registered here. To do so, You’ll need either a long-term residence or temporary residence permit with an assigned birth date. 

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Where is the registration done?

The car registration is usually done at the nearest municipal office to your current address. 

Although before going to the Municipal office, there is just one last step. First things first, the car has to undergo STK. There you will obtain paper on record or technical inspection. On behalf of these documents the Municipal office – Car register will issue you a new registration and licence plate.

Once you have all the required documents (mentioned above), they can be also submitted to the municipal office. Here, you will obtain the Czech technical certificate. Once you have it, your car can be officially registered. 

Car Registration Experience from Kenny

Kenny Phipps is an expat from Scotland living in Prague. When he came to the Czech Republic he bought a Czech-registered car. However, it was previously leased and so “owned” by the sellers leasing company therefore he had to have the leasing company “release” it to the seller so it could be transferred to him.

Kenny decided to leave the whole process to Foreigners. “I gave Power of Attorney to Foreigners to run for me and your agent has been great in driving this,” says Kenny, “I can’t always dedicate the time required to see these things through and so Foreigners are doing what they are best at, helping me.” 

Although Kenny’s car registration is still in the process we believe that perhaps also because of these steps the process will successfully conclude as soon as possible.

Did this write-up come in handy but you still need further help with the car registration or other paperwork regarding your stay in the Czech Republic? The Foreigners team will be happy to help you, feel free to reach us via .

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8 thoughts on “How to Register Your Car without Obstacles

  1. What does “paper on record” mean? Which parts on a vehicle do they check and test on STK test lanes? Please no links to czech written pages.

    1. Hi! I believe it’s meant to be “paper of record” – thank you for noticing the typo! I’m not sure which parts they check exactly, they check pretty much everything – the car’s ID, speedometer, brakes, windows, lights, steering, carriage, wheels, body, motor, safety belts, airbags – all the basics.


  2. Good afternoon!
    I have rented a house temporary (March-June) until I find something permament and have the residence permit at the old address. I have bought a car 1 week ago and want to ask if I can register the car under the new address, which is not on the residence permit?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Ela,
      As far as I can tell, you have to be registered to your permanent address, so this should also be on your residence permit – in other words, it should all match up. But this question is better suited for your municipality’s office – you need to register your car whenever your current permanent address is. Are you planning on changing the new address on the residence permit? If yes, then as long as you can prove that the new address is your new permanent address to the authorities, I don’t think you should have trouble with this.

      I’d appreciate if you informed us about how everything worked out so we know if someone else asks this question :).


  3. Hi, Thank you for the information.

    I would highly appreciate if you can advise regarding my situation.
    I live in Prague for more than 2 years. Recently my residence card expired and I have applied for a new one (+visa extension). Now my visa has been approved but I will get residence card after 2 months. I have bought a car from Germany withough knowing that I need residence card to register it. Now what can I do? Any thoughts? Can I register my car without residence card? Or residence confirmation certificate from migration office?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Josh,
      Yeah, I think you should be ok if you bring some kind of confirmation from the MOI that your visa is valid and that your residence card is in the process of being extended.
      If I were you, I’d call and ask first and then go there, though.


  4. Hello,

    If I don’t have a residence permit as I’m a member of another EU country can i still register my car here?

    1. Hi Valentin,
      I believe you need to have a registration certificate (a kind of residency permit for EU citizens, super easy to obtain) to be able to do that.


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