Freelancers: Here’s the Difference Between Digital Nomad Visa and Czech Business Visa

Are you a freelancer wanting to work for clients from all over the world from a cozy office in the Czech mountains? You may have been told by someone that you can if you apply for a “digital nomad visa”. You may have also been told that it is basically the same thing as a Czech business visa. Well, watch out, because both these statements are completely incorrect. Let us clarify the matters.


Freelancer in Czechia

Freelancing in the Czech Republic means your clientele should also be based in CZ.


Digital nomad visa?

Let us start by stating it out right – there is no such thing as a digital nomad visa in the Czech Republic yet. Additionally, a Czech business visa and isn’t the same thing as a digital nomad visa.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean digital nomad visas don’t exist elsewhere in the world. In fact, the concept is quite neat. It is related to the phenomenon of being a digital nomad. That is someone who – according to Investopedia “uses technology to work remotely from outside their home country.” 

In theory, this visa grants freelancers freedom to work from anywhere they want practically for anyone in the world they choose. With a visa like that, you could therefore settle down in a cozy office in the Krkonoše mountains with a gorgeous view of the landscape. Here, you’d work online with most of your clientele being from outside of CZ (e.g from your origin country).


Digital nomad visa v. business visa

The fact that a digital visa holder would work for a clientele from outside the country is the main difference between digital nomad visa (which doesn’t exist in CZ) and a business visa (known as a long-term visa for a stay of over 90 days for the purpose of business). This is because if you come here on a business visa (and get your trading license), your clients must come from the Czech Republic.

Additionally, the point of coming to Czechia on a business visa is that you need to physically be in the Czech Republic to actually do your business. Digital nomads would have a tough time proving that, as they primarily work online.

To sum up, you cannot come here on a business visa and then predominantly work online for clients who live outside CZ.



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Long-term visa for the purpose of business

Just to repeat: with a Czech business visa, you would be working in the Czech Republic for clients in the Czech Republic.

If you’re ok with that predicament and want to for example come here to teach a language, come on in! You can apply for this type of visa and this is something that we can help you with, step-by-step.

When applying, there are several important things you need to do:

  • Prove that you need to live in Czechia in order to do your business
  • Gather all the necessary documentation, including e.g. your temporary trade license or confirmation of finances (the list goes on)

You should also prove that you already have some business connections in Czechia. If you’re a freelancer, it’s good to attach a list of at least 3 potential clients in CZ (e.g. 3 language schools who will employ you) or even a contract about a future contract.


Getting a trade license with us

Are you a freelancer (in Czech self-employed person – OSVČ) and don’t necessarily want to start a company in CZ? That means that you’ll be using a trade license here – known as “živnostenský list” in Czech.

Of course, getting a trade license is something we can help you with. What is the process?

  • Contact us and let us know where you’re from and what is the subject of your business
  • In cooperation with us, you’ll prepare all the necessary documentation and their Czech translations, including an extract from the penal registry, and confirmation of the place of business
  • We will supervise the process using your power of attorney – we’ll review all the documents and register you as a legal entity with the authorities on your behalf (Municipality, Tax Department, Social Security, Health Insurance) 
  • We’ll explain all the future obligations to you, including the payment of the administration fee 

Good to know: The Czech Republic is in the European Union. So, there is – of course – the opportunity to sometimes work for clients from other EU countries if you become self-employed in CZ. However, as the Ministry of Trade specifies on their website, the services provided to a client in another EU state must be one-time and occasional. There are also other conditions you must fulfill.

Sounds like something you’d like to do? Let us know your situation and we’ll see if we can help you.

Although a digital nomad visa isn’t available in the Czech Republic yet, it is definitely something we wish existed. Thus, we will closely monitor the situation and will be the first to notify you right here and in our weekly newsletter if something like this becomes reality. 

In the meantime, if you want to work for Czech clients, a business visa is a good alternative.

Article source: Ministry of Industry and Trade, MOI
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