Looking For a Job? Become a Taxi Driver!

When the world’s pandemic is at its peak and some industries have difficulties with employing people, everybody is trying to make money in any way possible, at least to make ends meet. Nowadays, a very popular way of making easy money among expats in the Czech Republic is being a taxi driver. The reason is simple – practically the only thing you need is a car and a driving licence.

Wonder what are the requirements for becoming a taxi driver? Go ahead!

uber driver

More and more expats coming to the Czech Republic choose to become taxi drivers. In Prague, it is very common that almost all the Uber/Bolt drivers are foreigners. The reason is simple – for expats it is a very easily obtainable job, especially for those, who lack qualification or language skills. All while the taxi companies, such as Uber or Bolt are hiring practically non-stop. Having more drivers means having more cars to serve the customers. Therefore the more available their services are the more attractive they are to customers.


Who can become a taxi driver?

Anyone who is older than 21 years old and, of course, has a driving licence can become a taxi driver. Besides that, one needs to have no criminal record. A clean criminal record is essential in obtaining a trade licence – in particular road transport. Which is also necessary in this case.

Yellow card

Besides the trade licence,a yellow card is needed as well. The yellow card is an authorization of a taxi service driver. This authorization can be obtained at the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Prague. You will receive the yellow card in a 30 day period after submitting your application and payment of 500 CZK fee. Yellow cards aren’t usually given to asylum seekers.


Did this opportunity catch your attention? Do you have any further questions? Feel free and contact us via info@foreigners.cz or get your driving licence first if you want to make your living by being a taxi driver!

Viktoria Solarova

Hello! I am Viki and practically I am expat, too. I am from Slovakia but I study here, in Prague. I hope you enjoy reading my articles, at least as much as I enjoy creating them :)

11 thoughts on “Looking For a Job? Become a Taxi Driver!

  1. Hello Vicki I am from Georgia, my name is Robbie 32 years old and can you help me start working in Prague?

  2. Hi, Myself Sharon Alex, residing and working in Mladá Boleslav.May i need to obtain a Trade license for driving with Uber/Bolt?

    1. Hi Sharon!
      That depends on if Uber or Bolt hires people on a trade licence or if they hire people full time. This is something you need to ask them. I took a quick look at the Czech uber website and it looks like you need a yellow card: https://www.uber.com/cz/en/drive/requirements/get-a-license/

      If they need you to apply for a trade licence, we would be happy to help you with that as we have a lot of experience with this matter – email us at info@foreigners.cz and we will help you take care of it.


  3. I lives in india and I have 5 year experience in taxi driving. Am I eligible??

    1. Hi Satish,
      I don’t see why not! 🙂 Give us a call or write us an email at info@foreigners.cz and we’ll see how we can help you obtain your trading license!


  4. Hello, if i have poland carta pobitu, can i make the trade licence in czech republic?

  5. Hello everyone. There is actually over 20 thousand taxi drivers in car (November 2022). When you register your car as a taxi, you will have to pay insane insurance + you will not be able to sell your car. There is a taxi registry called Cebia Auto tracer:

    Driving for Uber and for Bolt is very shitty paid and you will loose money acfually. This is for people, who can’t count. Try their services as a customer first in Prague and you will see, how cheap is it.

    Imagine: You are a driver and you have to pay taxes + 25% commission + fuel, etc.

    There are actually vely few jobs for Uber Black.

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