Municipal Waste Fees: Different in Every Czech City

Waste-collection is one of those topics you don’t think about every day. However, you should think about it at least once a year when it’s time to pay the municipal waste fee – especially if you live in Brno, Hradec Králové, and Olomouc. You may have not known this, but whether you have to pay or don’t depends on where in Czechia you live. Especially if you’re an expat. 

According to this article in Brněnský deník, there is a high number of municipal waste fee debt in the South Moravian region. For instance, the city of Hodonín is missing over 6.5 million CZK. It’s clear that waste fee collection is an issue. Why don’t people pay?

Municipal waste fees are different in every Czech city.

Municipal waste fees are different in every Czech city.

When it comes to foreigners living in Czechia, it’s typically due to them not knowing these fees even exist. Sometimes it’s the city’s fault as it hasn’t properly communicated the information in a concise manner in English. And sometimes you simply forget, which can happen to anyone. 

The fee is paid to the municipality where the person is registered for residence. However, each municipality has its own system, which can be confusing.

So, which cities require you to cover these fees and what are the deadlines?

Brno (local fees)

Brno has adopted the local fee system. All foreigners (including Slovak citizens) have to pay waste fees whether they live in their own home or whether they’re renting. The only people exempt from paying the fee are children below 4 years of age and all people aged 70 and over.

  • If you’re an expat living in Brno (both EU and third-country citizens) for over 90 days, you ALWAYS have to pay municipal waste fees to your municipality
  • You also have to fulfil an informing duty
  • The fee needs to be paid for everyone living in each apartment/house (with exceptions)
  • You need to pay the fee on time, otherwise you might get fined up to three times the original fee
  • In 2021, the fee is 670 CZK per payer
  • The deadline for paying your waste fees is 31 May 2021 (but you can make the payment any time before this deadline)
  • The payment can be done via bank transfer, online, or in person
  • You can find all details in this document taken from Brno’s website

Informing duty

Essentially means informing your municipality about your status regarding waste fees. We advise that you register with your municipality as a new “fee-payer” as soon as you settle down in your home. Otherwise you might forget. 

Informing duty also means informing your municipality about the end of that status (e.g. when you move to a different city or leave Czechia). Simply put, any changes in your status as a “waste fee-payer” need to be communicated to your municipality. The deadline for this duty is within 15 days from any change

Hradec Králové (local fees)

Hradec Králové’s waste fee system is similar to Brno’s.

  • You have to pay the fees if you’re staying in Czechia for over 90 days
  • You are also obligated to register with the municipality (i.e. fulfil your informing duty)
  • Any changes in your status need to be communicated to the municipality within 16 days
  • In 2021, the fee is 600 CZK per payer
  • The deadline for 2021 has been pushed to 15 July

Olomouc (local fees)

The system in Olomouc is the same as in Brno and Hradec Králové.

  • You are obligated to pay the fees if you’re staying in Czechia for over 90 days
  • You are also obligated to register with the municipality (i.e. fulfil your informing duty)
  • In 2021, the fee is 804 CZK per head
  • The deadline for paying your waste fees is 31 May 2021

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Prague (property owner fees)

When it comes to Prague, the system is different and as an expat, you probably won’t need to cover the fee yourself.

  • Waste fees are covered by the owner of the property
  • If you are renting – your landlord pays the fee for everyone who lives in your apartment/house
  • If you live in your own apartment/house (i.e. are the actual owner of the property) – you need to make the payment for each person living in the property
  • The amount of the fee is based on the number of people living in the property, the size, and the servicing system of your rubbish bin(s) 
  • It’s likely that your landlord has included this fee within your lease

Pilsen (property owner fees)

Pilsen’s rules are similar to Prague. In other words, the fees are paid by the property owner, who needs to register for everyone, just like in Prague. Unless you own your property, you don’t need to worry about registering or deadlines. 

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