Relocation Consultant Tat’ána from Foreigners: Now I Also Help Expats to Purchase Property

Tat’ána Raszková is one of the newly announced Relocation Consultant Seniors at Foreigners Brno. She’s a hard-working person who knows as well how to take some time for herself and the things she loves because that’s important for work-life balance. Get to know her a bit more in this interview, such as her passion for jazz music, or her love for cats. Last but not least, Taťána is the one who can help you to purchase a property in the Czech Republic!

Congratulations on becoming a Relocation Consultant Senior at Foreigners, Taťána. How does that feel?

I’m very happy about it! When you work hard you can see the results, so, for me, this is the natural result of my hard work.

Tat’ána celebrating 2 years working at Foreigners

What was your motivation to work this hard?

I just work. It’s just that. I enjoy helping people, and my mind is always onto something. Of course, a promotion comes with some benefits, but I just keep doing my job, that’s the most important thing, to not stop. To go with the flow.

Besides helping people find their accommodation for rent, now you also assist when they want to purchase a property. I heard you already sold one house. How was the process? 

Yes, it started in April when the landlord contacted us. He wanted to sell his property situated outside the city. We made an ad and in one day we had over 500 views. There were a lot of people seriously interested in viewing the house, so I arranged an open-door afternoon for them. I brought some cold beverages, the landlady prepared fresh fruits. The house was so pretty that we had the buyer in less than two weeks after publishing the ad. The process of handing over the house can take around 60 days. In this case, the bank was very fast and the process was finished within 40 days. I think it is a nice experience to see the neighbours saying goodbye to the people who are leaving and also saying hello to their new neighbours at the same time.

What’s the best memory you have so far, working at Foreigners?

So many, let me think! … I guess I would choose all the meetings I have with my colleagues. What I really like is when we get together, you know, with everyone. All the teams, all the offices, we get together for a team building, and I just enjoy being surrounded by all those people. We’ve spent some great times together.

Winter session with Foreigners Team

When we talked, last spring, you told us that you get very busy during the summer. So, what did you do?

This year I got even busier! I was working almost seven days a week, because there’s a lot of work to do because it’s the busiest time of the year. A lot of expats come to the Czech Republic and look for accommodation! Nevertheless, I arranged my time to do some gardening, which is something I really like, to take care of my plants!

Visitor in the Taťána’s garden

After work, or during the weekends, do you do something to loosen up?

Well, during that time, I really like cooking, gardening and spending time with my partner and my cats. It gets me very happy and relaxed.

We know you’re passionate about music. Can you share with us some of your favourite artists and give some tips to expats where to go in case they like music too?

I really really like contemporary and experimental music. I love jazz, mostly. It’s always different. I usually go to some jazz festivals such as Bohemia Jazz Fest or Jazz Fest Brno. For all the expats who also like this type of music, I’d recommend places like Music Academy or Music Lab, here in Brno. Besides that, there’s always something going on in the city, you just need to explore a little, and you’ll be able to find some great concerts!


Live concert in Music Lab that Taťána visited

Can you tell us about your cats? How many do you have and why do you like them so much?

Sure! I have two male cats. I also like dogs, you know, but cats are easier to live with. They’re calm and very independent. They know how to use the toilet and are very clean. I know that some people prefer dogs because they are more friendly, I suppose, but actually, one of my cats is very friendly too, so I have the best of both worlds.

Mican and Pepin – Taťána’s cats

You’re not from Brno originally. What do you miss the most about your hometown?

No, I’m not. I’m from Třinec (East Moravia). I think that the thing that I miss the most is nature. You know I love gardening, so it’s all connected.

But you like living in Brno, right? Are you planning to stay here?

Yes, I do like Brno a lot and I’m planning to stay, yes. I think that the only reason that would make me leave this place is if I have children, someday. If so, I’d like to go live somewhere else. We’ll see about that.

If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

Well, I think that’s too difficult to say, so I would prefer if I could just change something about this city, if you don’t mind, because there’s something I’d really like to change here. I’d change the Brno airport situation. I think that it should have more destinations. It’s a very small airport and there’s not a lot of places you can go. Brno would benefit a lot if the airport got a proper investment.

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