Discover Architecture in Prague and Brno in a Unique Way

#LifeInCzechia Would you like to learn about history from a different perspective? Are you interested in important social figures of the recent past? Then architecture is a great way how to do both. Do not hesitate and visit the Open House Festival in Brno and Prague. What is it? When is it happening? Find out more in the article.

 Functionalist villa in Brno.

Open House Festival

Open House Festival is an international festival that makes architecture more accessible. The festival opens the doors of many buildings in the city to the public. You can explore interesting cultural, historical, or urbanistic places from a different perspective. You will learn how certain parts of the city were formed the way we see them now. And it is all for free! 


This year, it is the sixth year of the event in this Moravian metropolis. It will take place during the weekend of May 13 and 14. The theme of the festival is  “Women in Brno’s Architecture”. Many places in Brno were created thanks to women, but their names were overshadowed by their male counterparts. The festival aims to highlight their influence and presence.

Open House Brno is accessible to anyoneindividuals, families, and even foreigners! They offer several English tours around the city. Come and learn about Czech National Radio in Brno and discover the work of architect Ernst Wiesner or visit the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra. From modern works, you can discover the Center for Translational Medicine or the International Clinical Research Centre. Find out all locations here. Just click on “Program type” and select “English tours”.


Discover Czech artistic style at Adria Palace in Prague.


In Prague, it is already the ninth year of this festival. You can visit it from May 15 to 21. On these days you can visit over 100 buildings around Prague. Be aware the buildings will be opened only on May 20 and 21.

The rest of the days, you can enjoy the accompanying program including interesting lectures, special exhibitions, presentations, and workshops. You can also join some guided walks that take you to cubism or brutalism in Prague.

Same as in Brno, the festival offers a program in English. Let’s discover Forum on Wenceslas Square where the famous writer Franz Kafka worked as an insurance clerk, or take a look at the unique details of the First Czechoslovak Republic‘s architecture of Aria Palace. You will also have the opportunity to discover the brand new multifunctional project PORT17 in Holešovice awarded the LEED Platinum certification for eco-friendliness. For more tips, visit the official festival page


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Image source: Unsplash, unsplash


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