Top 7 Events in Brno

#LifeInCzechia What to do in Brno? Although there are great spots to chill, there are many options for cultural, gastro or sports events – as a student city, it is a hub for great ideas and even better events. Let us show you our favorites on this list!

Brno is a student city, so you can be sure there is always some cool event happening

Vegetable market

Do you live in Brno? You are lucky because you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as beautiful flowers between January and October. Just come to the Zelný trh (or vegetable market) on workdays between 6 AM and 6 PM. Zelný trh is also open on Saturday between 6 AM and 2 PM and same during public holidays.

The entrance is free of charge. Keep an eye out for special days when there are also gastro stands or some celebrations. Once you come to Zelný trh, you can find A Baroque fountain by J. B. Fischer von Erlach at the same square. Read more here.

Brno Majáles

Brněnský Majáles takes place at the beginning of May. What can you expect? Big procession, music and lots of students! On top of that, well-known Czech artists. You can read more here. 

The tickets cost 300 – 700 CZK, depending on your age.

Brno Expat Fair

The Brno Expat fair takes place every year in April. This year we also became a part of this great event – we had our stand on the 3rd floor at Tržnice. 1,300 expats visited that day and we were glad to get to know your stories and be helpful. Expat Fair is an event full of food, companies that help expats and seminars with the very same mission.

The purpose is to make expats feel more at home, help if needed and also to create a sense of community where you can get to know amazing people (as we did). Read more about the fair here

Easter Festival of Sacred Music

Filharmonie Brno organizes an Easter festival of sacred music every year – this Easter the event celebrated its 30th anniversary and lasted for one week from the 31st of March until the 7th of April. You can get more information about the festival as well as the ticket price here.

How many fans of Anime do we have here? Well, during the year you can visit an Anime bar in Brno at Jánská 458/21 and try out special drinks there. However, from the 5th to the 7th of May there is an Anime festival at Výstaviště Brno.

You can expect guests from Japan, the Netherlands and other counties, so you can be sure this will be an international event. The ticket costs 1,100 CZK if you buy in advance. In the price is also accommodation included, however, the capacity of accommodation spots is limited due to safety reasons. Read more here

Brněnská Muzejní Noc

The doors to museums, galleries, and other cultural centres in Brno and its surroundings will open at 6 pm and won’t close until midnight. Therefore, you have a chance to visit places such as the Moravian Museum or the Technical Museum, just to name a few. The night of museums in Brno takes place in May, this year on the 20th of May. Read more here. 

Festivals – lots of them!

There are also a ton of interesting festivals and although we can’t fit them all on this list, we would point out the most interesting ones which are Festival of Science, Brasil Fest Brno, Music Marathon or Ignis Brunesis (an international competition of fireworks). But as mentioned, there are quite a lot of festivals in Brno, read more here. 


As you see, there is no chance to be bored in Brno. Whether it is one-day events or week-long festivals, there is always something to do and enjoy. Have you picked some event from our list? Let us know in the comments below!



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