Bored in Brno? Kino Art Offers Special Expat Friendly Film Program!

#LifeInCzechia Do you love movies? Would you like to get into Czech filmography? Are you tired of watching animated films in Czech dubbing because they’re “for kids”? You can stop worrying. Brno’s most unique cinema Kino Art has introduced a new film cycle for foreigners called Expat Friendly! You’ll be able to catch both older and newer Czech films as well as other foreign films (e.g. Spanish or French), cult classics of various genres, and enjoy animations in their original sound.

Kino art on Cihlářská offers a cosy alternative to big multiplexes.

Kino art on Cihlářská offers a cosy alternative to big multiplexes.


Going to the movies abroad

Moving to a country where you don’t speak the language can sometimes mean that you lose some of your creature comforts. For example, many people consider movie theatres their safe space but when they move to a foreign country, they might lose this due to a language barrier

Luckily globalization has ensured that people all over the world can use English to explore other cultures even through their filmography. In Czechia’s second-biggest city Brno, you can do this in the cosy Kino Art cinema whose team has come up with a special Expat Friendly movie program just for you.


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How does it work?

Each month, the Expat Friendly cycle will offer an exclusive program for foreigners to make their life in Brno sweeter. The cycle will also introduce animated films screened in their original dubbing, including Disney titles and (obviously) children’s movies without dialogue you can watch with your little ones.

Keep your eye out for an “Expat Friendly” tag on Kino Art’s website. This tag marks all screenings that – even though they aren’t available in English dubbing – are still available to international audiences because they are equipped with subtitles

Foreigners can also obviously attend all the movies with English dub (or any of the other languages you know – e.g. Spanish or French).


Even Mr. Bean’s teddy can now enjoy Czech movies in Brno!

Even Mr. Bean’s teddy can now enjoy Czech movies in Brno!


What else is there?

Kino Art offers more than movies for their expat audience! If you like to have a drink with your movie, you can purchase something in Kino Art’s Café Art – and bring it with you to the screening hall. Café Art is open from 14:00 every day.

If you consider yourself knowledgeable about film and film history, you can enjoy Kino Art’s regular film quiz nights and other exciting events, such as Brno Pride Week in June. Follow Kino Art on social media to make sure you don’t miss anything!

You can find this unique cinema at Cihlářská 19, between Lužánky Park and Tyrš Park.

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