4 Easy Day Trips from Brno

#LifeInCzechia Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic following Prague. The city is home to different parks, cinemas, historic locations, and cafés. In addition to lots to see and do in Brno, another strength is where the city sits on the map. Whether you are looking for life in a bigger city, some time in nature, or want to explore another country, Brno is a great place to begin. Here are a few places that are an easy day trip from Brno.

Making day trips from Brno is fun and easy.

Inside the Czech Republic:


Znojmo is perfect for nature lovers or anyone looking for a slow-paced town. Much smaller than Brno, it is located in South Moravia near the Austrian border and is easily accessed by bus or train (between 1-3 hours) from Brno. Znojmo sits next to the Thaya River and the Podyjí National Park, which means the town not only has picturesque views, but it contains hiking trails and water sports like kayaking. 

Because Znojmo is located in South Moravia, the area is home to local wine. Vineyards can be seen on the way into Znojmo, and the town itself has many wineries and offers wine tasting and touring as an activity. It is also home to Czech’s largest wine-tasting room! 

Lastly, Znojmo contains a fair amount of history which can be discovered via its churches, like the St. Nicholas Deanery Church or the labyrinth of catacombs located under the city. These tunnels are nearly 27 km long and contain features like the Jesuit Aquaduct, ventilation shafts, and a labyrinth.

Znojmo has many beautiful views.

Lednice & Valtice: 

Also located within the Czech Republic is Lednice. The Lednice – Valtice cultural landscape was added as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996, and the area is home to history, nature, and beautiful chateaus and castles. Accessible from Brno by train and bus, the area itself is under 2 hours away from Brno. 

Lednice and Valtice are both located south of Brno, and the two towns are only a bus ride apart. Lednice is home to Castle Lednice, a large chateau that was first documented around 1222 and was first a Gothic-style water stronghold. Over the years its use has changed and was owned by the Lichtensteins who modified and rebuilt portions of the chateau and renovated the land around it. More recently, the palace reflects its appearance from 1846-1858 when Prince Alois II had the chateau rebuilt into a summer palace of English Gothic style. Guided tours of the chateau can be taken and are offered in a range of different languages. 

A man-made castle pond winds around the Lednice Castle grounds.

The surrounding land is home to extensive gardens, a greenhouse, and paths that wind along a man-made castle pond that weaves around the chateau grounds. During spring and summer months, boat rides can be taken around the grounds. 

The Valtice Palace has a complex history and has been used and occupied by many different groups of people. The area itself was originally part of Austria until the summer of 1920 when Czechslovak authority took over. Over the years since then, the building has been used and inhabited by many, such as Russian captives following WWII, a women’s camp for forced labor, and portions of the palace were used for production, workshop, and transport. Then, beginning in the 1970s, efforts to renew the castle began and are still underway. Now, tours of the palace and grounds are offered and visitors can walk around the park on the palace grounds.


Outside Czech Republic:

Vienna, Austria: 

Brno sits very close to Czech’s southern border, positioning itself close to Vienna. If you are looking for a busy city to explore, Vienna is not hard to reach by train or bus from Brno, and the trip lasts about an hour and a half.  

Once in Vienna, the opportunities are endless. The city is positioned alongside the Danube and is home to many river-side restaurants. Within the city, historic churches, cathedrals, museums, and restaurants serving Wienerschnitzel are everywhere. The city is also home to the Schönbrunn Palace where the Habsburgs resided and where visitors can now tour the palace and its gardens. Vienna also houses the Belvedere, which is now a museum containing different kinds of displays from various artists. Gustav Klimt’s infamous painting, “The Kiss” is displayed in one of the galleries inside Upper Belvedere. 

If you are interested in music, Vienna offers many different kinds of classical concerts where you can hear works from composers like Mozart, who spent a few years living in Vienna. Ballets and operas can also be found in the Wiener Staatsoper, one of Vienna’s opera houses. 

Finally, if you are looking for some adventure, Prater Park contains many different attractions like rides, a ferris wheel, and a winter market.

Vienna is quite a bit larger than Brno, so if you are looking for a bigger-city feel, Vienna is the perfect day trip!

Upper Belvedere looks over the gardens that separate the building from Lower Belvedere.

Bratislava, Slovakia:

Bratislava’s Old Town Hall is located in Old Town.

Finally, if you are looking to find another country to visit for the day, Bratislava is about an hour and a half by bus or train from Brno.

Located in Slovakia, the city offers a taste of Slovak food and history. One of Bratislava’s famous destinations is the “Blue Church,” or more formally, the Church of St. Elizabeth. The Roman Catholic church is open for visits as well as mass which is held daily. 

The Bratislava Castle is located atop a hill that overlooks the Danube and Old Town, and the building itself is rich with history. First mentions of the castle date back to 907, and use of the castle hill date back to the late Stone Age. There is a lot of history to explore here! 

Nearby the castle you can also find Bratislava’s Old Town. The streets are lined with small stores, candy shops, and Slovak restaurants. Statues and works of art can also be found along these streets. See if you can spot Čumil, the “Man at Work” statue as you explore Old Town!

In conclusion, no matter what kind of adventure you are looking for, the opportunities are endless. Brno’s location allows for easy access to a variety of day trips that are just a train or bus ride away! 

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