Foreigners Company Opens a New Branch in Pardubice

#LifeInCzechia The drums are drumming and….We hereby announce that the Foreigners company is opening a new branch in Pardubice! We can proudly say that the Foreigners team is like a big family. We appreciate each other. We help each other. We grow together. Because Together We Move the World Forward. This time we are delighted to announce that our long-term employee Martina Chalupníková has decided to make a significant step in her career and open a new branch of the Foreigners company in her hometown Pardubice! And we are more than happy!

Martina with Foreigner’s CEO Andrea and COO Alena

Pardubice city is like a Mecca for starting entrepreneurs. One of many projects that help budding entrepreneurs become successful is Pardubický Podnikatelský Inkubátor P-PINK (The Pardubice Business Incubator P-PINK). It is only one example of how Pardubice supports overall city development, sports, and culture. Martina said, “Pardubice is my beloved city, and I believe that Foreigners services will benefit foreign clients in our city. I will do my best!”


Martina in the Pardubice Business Incubator (P-PINK) office

Now the Pardubice branch is searching for new collaborations. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you are:

  • A property owner

We can help you with renting, managing, or selling your property.

  • A company that relocates foreigners

And would like to use comprehensive services for their families as well.

  • A sport club

We can sort out the immigration issues and help you with housing for your athletes.

  • A recruitment agency

We can provide accommodation for your employees.

  • A university 

We can offer you help with providing housing for foreigners or immigration services.

  • Individuals who are relocating for studies, work, or family
  • Anyone interested in our services 

Read more about what we do here!


Would you like to know more about Martina’s story? What drove her to position herself to lead the franchise? How long has the process taken? What does she enjoy most about working with and for expats? You can find out in our interview below.

  • How long have you been working for Foreigners?

I have been working for Foreigners for 4 years. I started this journey in Prague’s office on April 1, 2019. I remember the moment I saw Foreigners’ advertisement on Instagram. Honestly, I was not a fan of Instagram at that time. I watched the video of CEO Andrea and CFO Vojta and felt a positive vibe from them and the company’s vision. At that time, I worked for a small family wedding agency in Pardubice, which was an exciting job. But I wanted to work with foreigners, so I kept the idea in mind, and then the advertisement came to me. I asked for available job positions, but there were none. Then, one week later, they called me with an offer for an Immigration coordinator position, and I was so happy! 

Foreigners Prague office – one year – started on April 1, 2019

That interview was the best of my life. It was with my ex-director Radoslav in Prague. It lasted 90 minutes, but I felt this company was a good fit for me! A funny situation was that I replaced the woman Šárka who was also from Pardubice – destiny!  We had one of the best Czechoslovakian team in Prague’s office. We became even more than colleagues. We had a nice relationship with Danka (Immigration consultant) and Rado (ex-director). They inspired me a lot in my life.

After a year, I had had enough of the daily train commute and wanted to move closer to my hometown. In conclusion, Martin Havlík and I agreed on moving me to the Hradec Králové branch. In the meantime, I wanted to learn how to cook and bake, so I worked part-time in the Hradec office and To Je bistro (restaurant). I worked two jobs simultaneously for a year. It was an important experience, and I decided to work just for the Foreigners branch in Hradec Králové. 

Foreigners Hradec office – three years – started on April 1, 2020

I worked there as an Office Coordinator/Immigration consultant. Honestly, we were doing all types of work in our “small city” Hradec Králové. I have been working most of the time with medical students from Charles University. I have met people from all over the world, mainly from Iran, my favorite country, India, Pakistan, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

After one and a half years, I decided to cooperate with a different real estate agency in Pardubice to learn how to sell properties. I passed the relocation provider course and received an official certificate. After one year, I came up with one big project, to rent an apartment on Hradecká street, which is being renovated these days. I was in charge of two most essential parts of our business – Immigration residence permits for students and renting apartments through the Hradecká project.

Pardubice Foreigners franchise started on April 1, 2023

I have a magic date, I assume.  Every time I start something new in April. It’s my month; I was born in April!

  • When and why have you started considering opening your Pardubice branch? 

Honestly, I had a working crisis during the summer and went on a holiday to Norway. I came back with a new energy, full of new ideas and motivation. When the peak season ended with students at work, we traveled to Azores Islands with my family. I realized something had to change, but I didn’t know how to solve it. I wanted to work for one company and focus 100% on one journey.

First, the idea of opening the branch came up during Christmas time. Then, I realized I could focus on my hometown, and I knew we would be stronger if we split into two branches – Hradec and Pardubice. So I made a decision – an important step! I believe in our services, so it makes sense to spread it in my city!

  • How much time has the process taken?

The process has taken 2 months. The most challenging time was coming back the first week after Christmas. Because of this idea, I spent time in my office and could not focus effectively on my work. Randomly, Vojta asked me if I could help him rent two houses in Hradec. We confirmed our cooperation, and I asked him if we could go for a coffee. Therefore, Vojta was the first person I spoke with about my idea!

CFO Vojta and CEO Andrea called me the following day, and we discussed more possibilities. I felt supported by them and was grateful for it! Opening the topic with Martin and Martina took a lot of work. Firstly, our discussion was more emotional, which was natural, and when I look back (right now in March).

I’m proud of how we handled it with respect, humility, and mutual support. I want to thank Martin, Martina, Vojta, and Andrea again for the smooth process and great support! 

  • Have you ever considered opening your branch at the beginning of your career in Foreigners?

I have never considered opening my branch. It was unexpected. I would say it’s a beautiful “recipe” for how to grow naturally in a company you believe in, and your CEOs inspire you in your professional and personal life. We are influenced by those closest to us, by our work, and this natural process shows us how to listen to our hearts.

  • What do you enjoy the most about this job? 

I enjoy every day at work. I like how diverse our work is. We meet a lot of people from all over the world. I feel full of energy, freedom, and creativity. My job allows me to learn new skills and develop personally and professionally. I don’t like a stereotype; I prefer when you can plan your schedule on behalf of your client as well as yourself.

The advantage is that we can work online when needed and still be efficient. I enjoy meeting new people and improving my skills. I am looking forward to cooperating with many companies and individuals and discovering a lot of new properties for renting and selling.

In the future, I plan to hire new colleagues to my team with a passion for work, foreigners, and positive energy! Let’s do our best in our job. 🙂

Sources: PPINK

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