Residential Complex Domeq: Experience Coliving Near the Center of Brno (Outside Edition)

#LifeInCzechia Looking for a great place to live in Brno? And are you interested in coliving spaces? Residential complex Domeq will serve you in many ways to create your unique lifestyle, whether you’re more of an indoor person or you enjoy being outside. In this article we’ll introduce you to the outside of Domeq and its surroundings. 


Domeq 3 – Ponavka CTPark Brno
Domeq 3 – Ponavka CTPark Brno

Domeq Lifestyle 

As the author Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the five people you spent the most of your time with.” It is almost impossible to disagree with him. The people we surround ourselves with, the cities we live in… they all affect and shape us. Brno’s residential complex Domeq is a great example of this phenomenon, due to its coliving experience.

You can meet people from all around the world in Domeq’s lobby, on the terrace, in the chill and sports zone, in the study room or even in the laundry room. This allows you to learn more about different cultures, make new friends, and have fun.

This applies to both the inside and the outside of Domeq. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the outside.


Outside of Domeq

You can still spend some time outside even though we are almost at the end of summer. Domeq 1, 2 & 3 is situated in the Ponavka CTPark near the Ponavka River. And here’s what all you can do there:


Ponavka River near Domeq
Ponavka River near Domeq 

Take a peaceful walk along the Ponavka river and watch the lovely ducks. Have a picnic with your neighbours, read your book or do yoga in silence on the grass around Domeq.  


Insect Hotel in front of Domeq 2&3
Insect Hotel in front of Domeq 2&3

Have you ever seen insect hotels? When you exit from Domeq 2 & 3, they are located between two buildings, surrounded by different types of unique plants. You can use them to watch small insects, such as ladybugs, solitary bees or bumble bees, who tend to hibernate there in winter.


Sports and BBQ

If you like to do sports outside, you won’t be disappointed! You’ll find a basketball area, and table tennis right next to the building of Domeq 1. You can borrow equipment at the reception at Domeq 1, including balls, petanque, and rackets for a refundable deposit of 500 CZK. 

Do you like riding bikes? You can rent a bike for free from Domeq reception for a refundable deposit of 500 CZK. Don’t forget to return the bike before 10:00 p.m.

Who likes marshmallows? You can also use the fireplace next to Domeq, socialise and chill. Or have a full-on BBQ party! Bon appetit!

You can also borrow the fireplace sticks from the reception. The deposit for the skewers is 500 CZK as well. 

Check out Domeq’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for more photos and reels of Domeq’s lovely environment.


Picnic in the CTPark
Picnic in the CTPark

Exploring Brno on the 67 bus line

If you decide to live in Domeq, you’ll find there there is a lot to do even in its surroundings. Especially if you hop on the 67 bus. Let’s explore the activities and places in the city through bus 67 stops. 

If you are going to live in Domeq 1, Škrobárenská will be your stop. For Domeq 2 & 3 choose Hladíkova stop. You can download the IDOS app to check the timelines. 

Here’s what you can do at each stop:


  • Lužánky Park: You can enter directly when you get off the bus and take a walk, do yoga or gather with your friends under two hundred year old trees.
  • Lužánky Park Tennis Club: Would you like to try playing on the clay court, favoured by Rafael Nadal himself? There are 8 clay tennis courts and a mini tennis court with a unique tennis wall. The feeling of playing tennis in a two hundred year park is amazing. And if you are hungry after your game, try Tenis Pub Lužánky!

Malinovského Náměstí

  • Mahen Theatre: The unique and fascinating theatre building will welcome you when you get off the bus here. You can explore their programme here.
  • Kobližná street: This street connects the Malinovského Náměstí with Náměstí Svobody. It’s a simple and quick route to explore the city centre! Every weekend you can come across festivals and live music in Náměstí Svobody.


Koblizna Street - Linking Malinovskeho Square to Freedom Square
Koblizna Street – Linking Malinovskeho Náměstí to Náměstí Svobody

Janackovo Divadlo

  • Janáček Theatre: The spot in front of the theatre has a relaxation area with a unique light fountain. Don’t forget to check out our last article and learn about the latest fascinating fall program from here.  

Electro World and Ikea Stops

  • If you freshly arrived, you will need household items. Although Domeq apartments have kitchen utensils, such as electric kettle, pots, a pan, dishes, glasses and cups, there can always be something else you might need. Electro World and Ikea are just four stops away from Domeq and you’ll find it all there. 

Does Domeq sound like the perfect place for you to live? Contact us.

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Article source: Koblizna Street,

Photo Source: Leman Oktay, Google maps – Koblizna Street 



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